BBNaija: Chichi talks about her f!ght with Phyna and her hope for reconciliation (Video)

Chichi and Phyna
Chichi and Phyna




In a conversation with Daniella, Chichi talks about her fight with Phyna and her hope for reconciliation.

Chichi and Phyna’s friendship in the Level Up House has evolved ever since the Housemates merged Levels. Although Phyna and Chichi have had minor arguments, they typically iron out their issues immediately, as according to Chichi, she and Phyna have their way of communicating. However, today was different!

Watch Phyna confront Chichi :

While in front of the Head of House room this morning, Chichi had told Groovy that Phyna was on the floor and acting wild, suggesting that she might be drunk.

On hearing this, Phyna lost her cool and confronted Chichi.

A shocked Chichi stood her ground. However, every other Housemate was on Phyna’s side, which did not sit well with Chichi.

Chichi opens up to Daniella

After the altercation, Chichi decided to share her thoughts with Daniella, as she had no one to speak to.

During the conversation, she stated that she felt like the Housemates decided to gang up against her.

Chichi was also surprised that everything she said to Phyna fell on deaf ears.

She pondered on their usual relationship, how Phyna helped her get over Deji’s Eviction and how they typically teased each other.

Chichi also said she did not enjoy the Showmax movie night because Chomzy tried turning her friend against her.

Chomzy shadily questioned why Phyna used her Veto Power to Save Chichi as she had said questionable things in the past?

Do you think Chomzy is to blame for Chichi’s current problems with the Phyna?