BBNaija: Chichi revealed that Deji was a distraction to her (Watch Video)

Chichi revealed that Deji was a distraction to her
Chichi revealed that Deji was a distraction to her



Now that her “distraction” has exited the House, Chichi’s head is fully back in the Game
The Dechi ship sailed soon after Deji’s entrance into the Level Up House.
Previous Level 1 ladies were attracted to Deji, but only one lady caught his eye: Chichi.
The two spent time together, but it took Deji longer to warm up to the idea of getting into a ship with her.

Things soon became official for the two, although Deji kept sending signals of not being as committed to the relationship as Chichi was.

This was seen in his disinterest when Chichi was kissing and dancing for him.

After Chichi scattered Deji and Diana’s clothes, earning herself a Punishment from Biggie, Deji confided in Dotun.

He told Dotun that he does not understand why Chichi behaved like that because they were not a couple.

Unbeknownst to her, Chichi continued shipping and Deji never refused her advances.

Hours before his Eviction, Chichi opened up to Diana about how Deji was distracting her from the N100 million Grand Prize.

She was grateful that the platform created an opportunity for them to meet, but she also disliked how Deji was in her face all the time.

She liked how Deji kept her in check but wondered why Biggie brought him into the House?

 She spoke too soon, as Deji was removed from the House after suspecting that he might be Evicted and told Biggie in the Diary Room.
Did the universe respond to her wish to focus on the N100 million?

Her shock was followed by isolation as she went to the Bedroom, covered her head with a duvet, and cried.

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Not only was the man she was with leaving the House, but she also learned that he was a Fake Housemate.

Did she question if what they had was real or not? Was her entire world shattered?

After dealing with his emotions in the Garden, Hermes went to Chichi to encourage her to keep her head in the Game.

The pep talk helped as Chichi was one of the top contenders for the Head of House Game.

Deji’s exit has become a strength for her and she has emerged stronger from this loss.

Watch Chichi tell Diana that Deji is a distraction: