BBNaija: Biggie gives Deji a secret mission {Video}

Biggie gives Deji a secret mission
Biggie gives Deji a secret mission



Deji joined the Big Brother Naija House unexpectedly, and his presence in the House has been welcomed, mostly by the ladies. They have been crushing on him since Day 1, and he has built a bromance with Dotun.

Although he opened up to Deji about not liking Chichi, the two have grown close, sharing some intimate conversations in recent days.

During his Diary Session today, Biggie gave him a secret mission as he did with Modella. Big Brother would like Deji to start frantically complaining about his Level 1 Housemates, and the complaints should escalate as the days progress.

Not only should he complain about his Level 1 Housemates, but he should state that he feels that his happiness will only be possible if he moves to Level 2. On Friday, he should pack his bags and demand to be moved to Level 2.

Biggie gave him creative freedom on how to navigate this Task and he said he will start complaining today to make sure he is ready to make his demands on Friday.

With 13 Housemates in Level 1, there are potentially loads for him to complain about. Chichi’s moves on him have been blatant, but is he comfortable with them?

The two have had intimate conversations this week, opening up about their childhoods and inspirations, so it seems as if their ship might be sailing. Will this be a good place for him to start complaining?

His friendship with Doyin has been rocky, moving from comforting to arguing in a few hours. On Monday, Deji was feeling bad about being disqualified from the HoH Games for not freezing, and Doyin encouraged him after they lost the Games and HoH title.

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However, their subsequent conversation had Doyin telling Deji that they could never be friends because he is too sensitive and insecure.

Yesterday, Doyin asked Deji to not speak to her until they leave the House and he agreed. He has called her a hypocrite and Doyin called him insecure.

She was also Deji’s first pick when Biggie asked him who in Level 1 would he move to Level 2 to help them win the HoH Games. He reckons Doyin has a soft spot for Level 2 Housemates.

Might this be a good place for him to start?