BBNaija: Amaka’s mission at the Saturday Night Party yesterday (Video)

Amakas mission at the Saturday Night Party yesterday
Amakas mission at the Saturday Night Party yesterday



She even told Phyna about her gist with Chichi about the fact that she (Phyna) and Groovy are an item.

Amaka had a score to settle with Giddyfia and she was not letting it go. Before the Saturday Night Party, she was seen on more than one occasion gisting with her BFF Phyna about her several encounters with him.

As they were preparing to go into the Arena for the Waw Task, Amaka told Phyna that Rachel admitted to her about her feelings for Giddyfia but pointed out that Diana might be a factor, then decided to back off.

She deduced that whatever Daina and Giddyfia shared might not have been serious, so advised Rachel to go for him.

In that same conversation, Amaka revealed to Phyna that she and Giddyfia shared a passionate kiss during the last Saturday Night Party.

She was, however, very ambiguous about her feelings for Giddyfia, but confidently claimed that he was into her.

She went on to give Phyna an analysis of the type of man that Giddyfia is. “Me, I have come to understand Giddyfia, you get,” explained Amaka to Phyna, “he’s a playboy, that’s why I am not pushing because he is easy to get.”

This was before she told Phyna about the conversation that she had with Chichi in the Arena during the Waw Task.

Amaka had told Chichi that Phyna and Groovy were an item even after she revealed to Phyna that she was interested in Groovy. The gist was too juicy for Chichi to keep to herself, so she relayed it to Bella.

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When gisting with Phyna about the same conversation, she simply told her that she told Chichi that Groovy is ‘spoken for’.

This tidbit got Phyna in her feels and declared, “I will not give on him,” referring to Groovy. Amaka added that she is keen on talking to Giddyfia at the Saturday Night Party as she had questions that needed answering.

At the Saturday Night Party, Amaka as though she was on a mission, made a beeline to Giddyfia and wrapped her arms around him in an embrace. The pair proceeded to dance together but Amaka couldn’t keep her curiosity in any longer.

She confronted Giddyfia about the ladies that are ‘attached’ to his name, Rachel and Diana. “You have nothing to worry about baby girl,”

Giddyfia assured Amaka. After more conversation, they seemed to have settled things between the two of them as they continued dancing.

A while later, Diana was severely angry at Rachel for dancing with Giddyfia.

Her fellow Housemates who tried to calm her down, couldn’t understand why she was angry at Rachel and not Giddyfia who was seen dancing with Amaka too.

She couldn’t listen to reason in the heat of her rage and yelled all sorts of profanities at Rachel with threats to manhandle her.

Amaka, who had confronted Giddyfia about the same situation between him, Diana, and Rachel was seen laughing at the whole debacle as though she had realized that her observations of Giddyfia were on point.

Do you think Amaka might be right about Giddyfia being a playboy? because Amaka asks Giddifia about Diana, says Deji and Chichi told her he and Diana are a bit more than friends

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