BBNaija: After being accused of liking Groovy, Chichi discussed the situation with Bryann and sought his advice on the next steps (Video)

Chichi seeks advice from Bryann – BBNaija
Chichi seeks advice from Bryann – BBNaija



Chichi seeks advice from Bryann

Even after trying to resolve her recent feud with Phyna, an unsettled Chichi is still very upset about their conversation on Day 65.

In a chat with Bryann in the garden, Chichi stated that she had overheard a talk between Phyna, Bella, and Rachel where she was the topic of the conversation.

Their discussion rubbed her off the wrong way, and she got even more agitated when Phyna approached her to discuss a claim that she liked Groovy.

Chichi was astounded by Phyna’s allegation. In her own words, “If I wanted Groovy, nobody could stand in my way”.

She went on further to state that Deji is who she has eyes on, and while Phyna’s accusation hurt her, what upset her the most was Rachel saying she had also noticed Chichi liked Groovy.

The trio also went on to talk about Chichi’s relationship with Deji, and they stated that Chichi was the one who initiated the whole thing.

After baring her soul, Chichi sought advice from Bryann on whether or not to confront Rachel.

Bryann affirmed Chichi and advised her to ignore the situation and not feed into the gossip.

He expressed that he had already asked Bella and Phyna to give Chichi that same grace other Housemates give them.

Do you think Chichi will take Bryann’s advice, or will she find it too hard to keep quiet?

I was still sleepy the day I called Groovy, I didn’t expect her to take it the way she did, saying I missed Groovy than her- Chichi


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