BBMzansi week 7 wager task preparation 2022

BBMzansi Wager Task preparation in progress
BBMzansi Wager Task preparation in progress


Time waits for no man and neither does the Wager Task. With the Wager Task taking place in just a few hours, the House is in chaos from early morning, Housemates have been cutting and sewing in preparation for the fashion show which will form part of their Wager Task. Looking very exhausted and half asleep Sis Tamara was spotted trying to piece together a garment. Terry was heard telling fellow Housemate, Mphowabadimo that she’s very exhausted and feels like her brain is about to shut down.

You don’t have to ask, the mood in the House says it all, a 100% Wager is at stake, and walking away with an L is not an option. Individuals are nervous but they are not letting this get in the way of their preparations.

Walking down the runway in a fl!rty yellow top with intricate details paired with shorts and heels. Sis Tamara “eats that ish”. The yellow top is their own creation. Even though the other Housemates are not yet dressed in their designs, they still strutted their stuff on the runway. Libo, Thato, and Nale put out all the stops as they channel their alter-egos. It’s quite evident that Nale is in her elements, the runway is home to her.

Every fashion show must have great hosts, right? With that said, the guy with a smooth voice, Tulz, and Mphowabadimo understand the importance of rehearsing as they go over their presenting skills. With cue cards in hand, none of them can afford to make a mistake.

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Even though it took the Housemate’s sweat and sleepless nights to get to this point, it looks like things are coming together nicely. Will the Housemates be able to impress Biggie?