BBMzansi week 10 top 5 housemates tonight’s presentation

BBM Tonights presentation
BBM Tonights presentation



With tonight’s presentation being the last one before curtains fall, the top five is planning to go out with a b*ng the Housemates will deliver a play based on their experiences in the House over the ten weeks.

However, this time it’s quite evident that there’s nothing at stake, except of course for the Housemates pride and honour.

At first try, the gumboot dance proved to be a bit of a challenge for some, however, later on everyone caught on, apart from Tulz of course. Instead of dancing like the rest, it’s been decided that Head of House will lead the group in song.

The Housemates are also a bit concern that in their presentation, they might offend previous Housemates. They are not sure how far they should push when it comes to incorporating humour.

Even though we’ve seen the top five rehearsing, we have to point out that it hasn’t been as intense as we expected it to be. From where we are standing, there’s a level of comfortability. If they are not indulging on food, they are either sleeping, playing a board game or chatting up a storm. The question is, will they be able to bow out with a b*ng as desired?


It seems we are not the only ones who are on edge. Viewers are also wondering if the Housemates will be able to secure a win.

Judging from her comment, Mabhedla is not even sure what the Task is all about.



Lella doesn’t think that the top five will bow out with a b*ng. She says they have been too relaxed..

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Mpho says the Housemates will lose this Task for sure.



Thandeka says in this case the Wager Task wasn’t even necessary.



Let’s tune in later this evening to see what will happen.