BBMzansi Top 5 housemates 2022 told Biggie, that they wanna party!

Biggie we wanna party – BBMzansi
Biggie, we wanna party – BBMzansi



Drip on a hundred and all pumped up, the grooves have always brought us nothing but pure entertainment the dance floor has felt many dance moves … literally, and the DJs have served us nothing but the best music.

With this said, can you picture Big Brother Mzansi without its famous Saturday Night Parties? In the words of Nasty C (a young rapper), HELL NAW!

The Housemates tell us exactly why they love Saturday Night Parties and we stan.

Themba didn’t hold back when he put it out there that he is all about party life. “I love partying. Even outside of the House I party with my friends”. The Ghostnation will be happy to learn that he has promised to set the dance floor on fire this Saturday. “I will dance on Saturday, even if others don’t”.

“People in this House love alcohol a lot. They look forward to the Saturday Night Party”. Gash1 also added that this Saturday he intends to party hard and have fun. Gashers, you can’t let your leader party alone, you’ve got to tune in!

Mphowabadimo cannot even begin to imagine life in the House without Saturday Night Parties. She said the parties have been the highlight of her stay. Apart from them being lit, Mpho said thanks to the parties, Housemates get the opportunity to distress especially since life can be stressful. Underground gang, are you ready to party with Mphowabadimo?

Litbombs, it’s on! Libo wants to party. He told Biggie that without the parties, the tension in the House would be high.

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When the Housemates speak, Biggie listens. If it’s a part they want, then a party they will get! Mzansi, are you ready to party with us for the last time on Saturday?