RockLefatshe: Thato Rocking SUD Restaurant with Gash1 (a.k.a) HUBBY

Thato Rocking SUD Restaurant with Gash1
Thato Rocking SUD Restaurant with Gash1


Big Brother Mzansi star Thato who became famous after creating the ‘It ain’t me’ choreography dance challenge, which went viral on social media, especially TikTok.

Thato posted the full video on her official youtube account when she went to a restaurant known as (SUD.) in Soweto.

Watch The Video Below: 

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Morning chad welcome to Rockland okay first and foremost outfit one okay you didn’t even see my outfit and you don’t even tell me what the hell can you see me now can you see now wait if this is basically going to be a playlist here on youtube where you know you come with me when we go do amazing things anything that is

Not enjoyment you’re gonna find it here on this playlist i know that’s right right now right now i’m trying to figure out how to use this camera okay here i am do you see me okay hi my name is tata immaculate rock lefty means rock the world that’s what we’re doing so everything that is fun you’re gonna stop this is a camera that i got from beautiful right so here i am

I’m pressing record you see me child you see me you see me seeing you okay i’m pressing it record okay it says busy it didn’t oh it’s flat [Applause] hello lighting watch what’s okay i’m gonna figure this out when i come back so makeup artist is coming

Through we’re going to sud in sa in uh nothing in seoul we get so i’m gonna go get white plants imagine and then i need to come back and then just chill yeah but i’m just going to town like town is just a town i’m okay town is just here from my house okay let’s go okay let’s go we’re looking for white pants okay and i’m gonna get these other brown

Boots that i already saw online i hope for shiny mayor 10 has them i’m going to put you on blast if you don’t okay let go please uh watch the video up until the end and if you find yourself at the end then subscribe all right but you already halfway through i think if this is going to be halfway please like the video thank you thank you can i show you something funny i always leave with toothpaste to my bag

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Because the chances of me sleeping at home my slim to nothing chad phone died melatonin melton doesn’t have the boots does does manton have the boots does martin have the boots no they don’t i guess hike is a paste mental note i need to move out of the va i can’t but i got white pants though and when i buy pants i need to buy them at like chinese shops because

Size 28 of chinese shops it’s a serious size 28 because there’s been eighties that you show positioning it’s quite big right even small imagine wearing i don’t know my size is between extra small and small because extra small is too small small is big whether i ain’t but anyway i got my pencil 160. yes but it looks a bit big yeah

It’s that thick guys melon is here she’s already okay she hasn’t started but then she’s already set up and are you ready to be in there okay come through it can’t really see you yes this is obviously i’m gonna link her obviously i’m gonna put her stuff down below but this is before this is what you’re working with yes yes let me show you how

Hello and then obviously okay bye we will see you when i’m done what is it one maiden so it is an hour away from me why am i okay the chain is doing too much chad i’ll show you my outfit but i can’t

Because i’m late here you’re you’re reaching my play away but yeah you’ll see the pictures oh happy schooling  the situation child you already know what happened next but this is not a couple’s video let’s go back to the party with my hobby

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Come  um  this is the morning after the party before somebody said we’re going private it was you anyway nobody we always pretend like it’s just me why i never said you should go pro you said

Let’s go what we said guys you see i remember at the last show when you’re saying you should go private together if we’re working so book us no but we will talk about it but here he is oh wow you know you’ve got now you’ve got lashes on you yeah but it’s something that you always someone doesn’t understand copyright

Claims but thank you so much for rocking with tatum and geshe where are we going we should be growing now and uh yeah we’re gonna rock cliff again if we get invited again then you will see more of these things so tell people put pressure on them tell them invite her to engage and then you will get things like this could be our official

First youtube uh post i’m gonna say quickly yeah yeah it depends yeah thank you so much thank you so much for the love and the support we really really angelic number so two more gigs to more um appearances to more love

And more tomorrow everlasting god bless thank you we love you thank you i hope you find someone that loves you  yes taking any comfort thank you

Oh oh sorry for the noise so early in the morning excuse us just for a moment turn back the hands of time oh thank you darling hold the way you are suffering you said you want to be a husband thank you so much beno benevole

I don’t even know how to say it properly oh benvenuto thank you so much i am italian this italian flag i’m from the valley yes it is french that is french it is an italian flag oh my soul it’s france oh my soul apology i apologize there is ladies and gentlemen you know who that is that is the love of my life child

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Hey look at look he’s blushing stop it bluetooth device is connected successfully i would go back for number 11.34 seconds later for inviting us uh thank you sud restaurant for taking care of us thank you

Ben benito thank you baby thank you thank you thank you making this thank you guesses thank you teshwa see you again when we’re out and about le fatigue i actually met this lady wonderful lady i was in mc it was so nice to me where did you meet her it was a event for takalani foundation’s

Gala dinner like they help kids in limbo like education so they have a gala dinner and then you come you know and the proceeds the money that’s made there they give to them she was so nice she’s so nice shout out to you should i take it i think i should take it do you think they have a recipe about potatoes here but i’m going to get one now no no what

You like pretending like cooking is the thing that you know it lands on you once you can always learn okay i forgot i forgot how to cook no i didn’t actually know what i had stage right that’s my then that’s the that’s some period that’s on paul