BBMzansi: Thato released the video of her Big birthday

Thato birthday video
Thato birthday video


BBMzansi Thato uploaded the video of her Big birthday

Read Everything Thato said in the video below and watch the full video after reading…

I Forgot To Record An Intro But We Had Just Arrived Here Me Chewing Gum Like A Cow And Gesh Has This To Say I Look Damn Hot And He Did Hear The Pictures Give It To Me Then We Walked Into These And I Was Like

Okay Okay Okay Okay I’m Thinking You Know It’s Tattoo And Guest It’s For Both Of Us Lovely Happiness And Then When I Looked Over To The Other Side There Were More Gifts Okay Okay Guesses I See You It’s Fine So We Started With Prayer It’s What We Do We Pray In This House We Pray Then Of Course A Little Standing Drama Brought To You By My Baby My Gash Listen To This Thank You

We Love You They Love You Why Are They Immaculate They Don’t Care About You Background Story That Statement Comes From Gash’s Pain From Not Being Invited To This Year Immaculate Luncheon Oh Head Distill Today Anyway We Move So If You Want To Watch This It’s On My Channel Back To The Order Of The Day Here’s Kumbu Explaining And I Went Into My Room I Prayed I Said Lord I Don’t

Know These People And I Want To Meet Honest People Who Do What They Say They Are Going To Do And Then He Showed Me All This Women And One Gentleman His Name Is Bad We Came Together Okay Before I Could Bring Them In We Came With An Idea We’re Like Why Don’t We Talk To Me She’s Moving Around 29 Couches Is 29 Bmw

325is I Was So Confused I Was Like Where Did They Get The Money Did They Do Heists What’s Going On I Was Confused And Then It Clicked Means 29 Pairs Of SH0es Yo Cashews You Killed Me A Bag From Different People But I Can’t I Can’t Just Okay What I Wanted To Do Is I Would Pick A Message And Then I Would Pick A Business Oh Okay

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It Doesn’t Matter If The Message Is For The Person Who Goes Here Premium Tears Loading Memes Loading No You Can Open It For Today Is Newton’s Second Score Thank You

You Took Me I Didn’t This Is From You As Well Yes Yes Thank You So Much I’m Taking Notes Thank You That’s From You Guys Foreign

With Every Step You Take In This Case Next May You Cement Yourself In Rooms That Will Forever Air For The Name Taken Immensely May God Greatly Locate You And May Say May He Open The Doors You See A Different Color 29 Pairs That’s What I Got 29

Pairs Of SH0es Every Kind Of SH0e You Can Think Of Heels Sneakers Look Oh s*xy Chair Everything You Can Imagine Under The Sun I Received That Thank You So So So So So So So Much I Really Appreciate Each And Every Single Person That Sent Me A Good Session May God Bless You May God Place From The Storehouse That You Took From May Enlarge Your Territory Thank You So

Much Be Blessed Thank You Good Morning Look Where We Are Say Hi Oh My Guest Has Made It Finally We’re Waiting For You To Take Pictures Of Us It’s My Birthday It’s Really Long Can

You Please Take Pictures Of Us With Your Channel Oh It’s Dead Yes Okay So Wait What Do You Say Happy Birthday To Me Yes No No And Also My Face Is Part Of Your Homecoming Community No They Know I Love Them More Than You Wow In Front Of Me Imagine The Disrespect The Other Mistake But Thank You So Much Look How Beautiful

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Hello Hello Happy Birthday To You Because I Know You Want To Cry When You Get Home Bye I Just Want To See You Quickly She Said Nothing About A Party Hi Good Morning Welcome To Tata’s Birthday Week Or Rather Let’s Be

Continuing In 150 Meters Turn Right Today I’m On My Way I’m Literally Leaving News Cafe In Wood Meet I’m Going To A Photo Shoot That Was Um Organized For Me By Tashwan Thank You Guys Thank You So Much David Please Say Hi To Everyone I Will I’m Always Happy Yeah Guys Being Happy Is A Choice

So My Baby’s Taking Me To A Photo Shoot And Then He’s Coming Back Um Yeah And I Don’t Want Us To Please Can We Go I Really Really Do Not Want You Why Are You Crying Because I’m Living I Was Alone You Are With Women

Oh I Hear What You Say All Right Please Please Pass Me My Phone So I Can Gps Ah Look At My Man Guys You Are The Best Birthday Gift Anyone Could Ever Have Ah Say This Okay Okay This Cake Is Gonna Fold This Cake Guys Look At My Cake Show Me Up

Um Thank You So Much From Diaspora Then The Next Day I Got More Gifts From Immaculates Immaculate Tanzania Every Way Everywhere Then A Trip By Teshrun Diaspora To Cape Town Good Morning But He’s Not Here Right Now Anyway Firstly I’m Reading This Woman Evolve Today Is The 31st Of May

This Is How We I Want To Say Close Off My Birthday Vlog But It’s Not Really Because This Vacation That We’re Going For  Yeah So The Flight Has Been Delayed By An Hour But If You’re Going To My Birthday And Then The Next Weekend As Well We’re Going

Away Close Up My Vlog Here And This Is Why It Took Long Because I Was Just Trying To Put Everything That Had To Do With My Birthday In One Video But I Really I’m Really Grateful Like I’m Really Really Grateful For My Family Uh Like My Biological Family And Then You My Family My Baby My Friends Oh My Soul I Miss Them

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I Miss Them So Much It Was So Great When I Spoke To Them On My Birthday I Can’t Wait To See Them You Know I Came Back Two Of My Friends Are Pregnant I’m 29 Years Old I’m Nearly 30 Years Old So Okay Can I Read My Book This Was Also A Gift Blessings Oh Yeah And I’m Charging My Phone All Right God Bless Thank You Tattoo

Immaculate Signing Out Uh Yeah Sending Out I Don’t Know What The Next Vlog Is Going To Be Because I’m Shooting Like Seven Vlogs At A Time But You’ll Definitely See What Happens In Cats Yeah But If You Want To See What I Do And Get Up To With My Boyfriend My Boyfriend Might Be My Husband Check Out Our Channel It’s Called This Is Uh This Is Tasha

Love You God Bless Do Good And Good Will Be Done Unto You Two One Clicks I Heard The Smile We Be Honest Do You Not Like The Suite No I Like It It’s Just That It’s Too Much Maintenance And Plus You Don’t Seem Comfortable In It Because You’re Always Complaining About Something And It’s Always The Hair It Itches That’s What I’m Saying

I Just Don’t Know It’s Like A Car When You First Get A Car It Is Like A Car You Need To Learn How To Drive It I’m Telling You I’m Also Telling You You’re Telling Me About Weaves You Know As Much As I Know It’s Not Like A Car Where Can A Wheel Take You A Very Fine Life Trust Me A Weave It Took A Very Fine Life.