BBMzansi: Sis Tamara won the week 8 Friday Night Games, again this week.

Sis Tamara won the week 8 Friday Night Game
Sis Tamara won the week 8 Friday Night Game



BBMzansi week 8 Tonight’s game was called Dragon’s Throne and the Housemates walked around to familiarise themselves with the course which was inspired by medieval times, and yes they had the outfits to match.

By now we know that Biggie has a set of rules that he reads out to the Housemates and if those aren’t followed, there will be penalties issues left, right and center. The winner would be the Housemate with the quickest time and this week saw the bigger allocation yet since the Friday Night Games have begun, at a gracious eight minutes.


The challenges started with the Housemates sitting on the throne and at the sound of the buzzer, they had to get off and jump into a sack in order to navigate the course.

Undo the corset

There were eight corsets tied onto the pillars, one for each of the Housemates and they had to untie the first before moving onto the next challenge.

Rapid Fire

The Housemates had to knock down the tower of cans using a rubber band. The Housemates were told they would incur a 30-second penalty for each can that they don’t get to knockdown.

Ready Spaghetti

The Housemates had to take spaghetti, put it between their lips, and once confident, they had to use the spaghetti to transfer the cans to their destination, one by one. No hands were allowed to be used to assist them.

Ball through the maze

In this challenge, the Housemates had to move the ball through the maze and get the ball through the hole at the end of the maze to complete this challenge. At the end of this, they had to jump back into the sack and hop over to the throne, remove the sack and sit on the throne.

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Biggie waited until the end to issue out penalties and this threw a spanner in the works because Housemates didn’t know until the very last minute if they’d won or not.

Sis Tamara won the Friday Night Games, again this week.