BBMzansi S3: Ukho Samela (Sis Tamara) Biography

Ukho Samela Also Known As (Sis Tamara) Full Biography

Hi my name Is Ukho Samela better known as sister mara bandung As the Auckland’s diva and I’m a 25-year-Old gender non-conforming experience
From a very small village in the Eastern Cape and I betrayed by emitfort I am a Film student slash actor slash business Owner and now I’m about to be a reality Star on big brother Mzanzi so my friends
Call me sister abandon
Or rather  sister mara
I don’t necessarily really do believe in
Astrology because I feel like it makes
Me seem vulnerable in a way but I will
Once in a while check out my star signs
And stuff like that but I try not to
Dwell on it because I feel like yeah I
Can’t be weak like that I’m a leo

So yeah that’s another thing because a
Lot of people just always tell me ah you
You have an ego you are this you are
This you have this so I think I’ve been
Defensive for the most part so I try not
To dwell on
Yeah those kind of things so right now
I’m busy with my last year
In film I’m doing a bn film and
Television um I’m majoring in directing
And I also have a cleaning business
Cleaning and laundry called system our
Cleans which I started just to make a
Few extra bucks because I can’t always
Ask for cash from my parents and stuff
Like that so and I also am an actor so I

Small cameos here and there I also do
Adverts so yeah I’m a freelance actor I
I hope to achieve a voice
Basically for queer bodies because I
Feel like in the mainstream especially
Mainstream tv and film um we don’t have
Enough representation of queer bodies of
Of different walks of life it’s always
The same thing and queer stories are
Always told from a heteronormative
Perspective and I needed that to change
I need to have a voice for queer people
I need to write queer stories focus
People and people at large but stories
That come from queer people not written
By straight people and in a
Heteronormative way because it’s always
The same stories um
The struggles of queer people why can’t
We have
Queer people that are accepted by
Society that don’t necessarily have the
Same struggles as
What we always see on tv and also how we

Are always s*xualized I feel like
There’s more to us than that so
Me being on big brother I feel like it’s
Gonna propel me to be able to be seen
What I hope to achieve is for other
People to actually see themselves in me
That they can see a person that comes
From a village came to gerberg I went to
The mountain but I still um identify as
Gender non-conforming which is still
Fine sometimes I wake up and I feel like
I’m masculine and that should be allowed
Tomorrow I’ll wake up and feel like I
Need to wear a skirt that should also be
Fine can I just be allowed to exist and
Can we not always have these binaries
That are always

Boxing us and telling us that we can’t
Be this and this and this because I feel
Like binaries are limiting us of what we
Would achieve given the freedom to be
Whatever we want so me being on big
Brother I really feel like that’s gonna
Help me in having a voice and telling
People that you know what you can just
Exist as long as you are nice to people
And aren’t hurting anyone so yeah
Oh I thought about this one actually I
Think it’s going to sound so shallow but
Honestly speaking I think it’s so easy
Honestly because I think I had to deal
With a lot of homophobia that internal

Homophobia myself and I
Following his journey like watching his
Reality reality shows and doing a bit of
Research and seeing where he came from
He introduced some gaga which was a drag
Persona during a time where being queer
Was not even a thing so
And also being down and out coming back
Working and making sure he gets his own
So I think I’m really inspired by him

And how he’s comfortable with his
Femininity and also his masculinity and
How he’s just living his life regardless
Of how people view him also how his
Personal life is being dragged on social
Media what not how he’s been losing jobs
But he’s still keeping the same
Trajectory so I think he’s
One of the people I look up to.

Ukho Samela aka Sis Tamara – BBMzansi | S3 | Mzansi Magic | Housemate Profile

Name   Ukho Samela
Age   25 years
Country of Origin   South Africa
State of Origin   Eastern Cape
Nickname   Sis Tamara