BBMzansi S3 2022: What Vyno And Nthabii Said In The Diary Sessions

What Vyno And Nthabii Said On Their Diary Sessions In The Ongoing Big Brother Mzansi Season 3 2022

Freshly added Housemates Vyno and Nthabii opened up to Big Brother (Biggie) The arrival of Vyno and Nthabii shook the tables in Biggie’s House. Consistent with the ‘Beke Le Beke’ theme, which will see twists and adventures unraveling in back-to-back blows every week, the Housemates on Sunday found the carpet moving from under their feet.

A day since entering the show too much fanfare, the two new Housemates were summoned by Big Brother to report to their first diary sessions. Protected by the ‘safe space’ code of the sessions, Vyno and Nthabii didn’t hold back their thoughts on the dynamics and personalities in the House.

Vyno’s strategy will be to endear himself to the Housemates. Arriving a week after everyone had already settled could put him in a challenging position. Failure to cultivate meaningful relationships and organically strike connections could easily leave him out in the cold. And yet, there’s a R2 Million cash prize, fame and more on the table, and Vyno is not about to be boxed as “the new boy”.

“I thought about that the minute I stepped into the House”, he said. “How will I be able to establish relationships with them, having coming in late? Luckily, I am an open person. They’ve opened up to me. For a person that just stepped in the house, they’ve opened up a lot. That’s my strategy, I don’t want to feel new. That’s my strategy, I’ve thought about it. With personal conversations, when you reveal who you are and be vulnerability… that really helps. That’s my strategy to stay longer.”

Vyno’s strategy to focus on building solid relationship is already at play. Waiting for no grass to grow, he’s already fl!rted with Terry. He told Terry he’s in love with her voice. He has also connected with Sis Tamara. In a heartfelt chat, the two took soulsoulf deep dives.

“I understand how (Sis Tamara) feels misunderstood, being a gay guy. He’s amazing, I like his personality. But he seems to be a bit sensitive with the way he conveys things and wants to be perceived. I understand and respect that line.”

The gag is how Sis Tamara and Terry are particularly close in the House. Could we be seeing a new squad?

Nthabii has found everyone in the House rather welcoming. Both the girls and the guys have been open, polite, and warm towards her. While awe-inspiring, that hasn’t stopped Nthabii from realizing that the Housemates are playing a game. She’s discerning, however, and has been to tell that some of the Housemates are really just playing hard.

Nthabii is aware that there’s always a possibility that “someone may come at me the wrong way” just to test her and throw her off her game, but she’s got her eyes on the bag. “I won’t be derailed.”