BBMzansi S3 2022: Themba, Tulz, and Libo will be in the “Big Brother Mzansi Finale”

How we got here – BBMzansi
How we got here – BBMzansi


Currently, everybody comprehends that: Themba, Tulz, and Libo will be in the Big Brother Mzansi Finale. How they got there is interesting, and what this means for the rest of the Housemates is even more so.

On Sunday night, Themba won the Ultimate Veto Power after a show of endurance, standing in one position while holding up an object for about 12 hours. Nobody doubts his commitment to the challenge. He’s also on something of a winning streak: he was voted as HoH last week, then won the UVP, and then won the HoH again last night. As we approach the end of the season, it appears as if Themba is peaking at just the right moment.

That’s not to say that he hasn’t been working the whole time. Anybody who’s been paying attention will tell you that he’s been a strategist from the start, making sure that he keeps an eye on the Housemates that survive multiple Evictions, taking part in Conspiracy Corner discussions to be a party to what other people are thinking – the works.

This attention to detail is almost certainly the reason behind his choice of who to take to the finale with his UVP: Mphowabadimo, Thato, and Gash1 have survived an enormous number of Nominations, and Themba is smart enough to recognize what that means – they have the support of the viewers. Themba would rather put them up against each other than take the risk of facing all of them in the finale.

Instead, he decided to save Tulz and Libo. Libo has been Nominated only once, which almost every single Housemate has achieved, so it’s not like it’s any kind of real indicator of public support. Tulz has not been on the chopping block even once. That does not mean he’s not popular, but from Themba’s point of view, it makes more sense to go up against someone whose popularity has never been tested than against someone whose popularity has – and who has come up winning.

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Let’s take a moment to give credit to Tulz, though. He’s avoided being on the chopping block on numerous occasions: twice because of being saved by Sis Tamara as HoH, other times by being picked as DHoH by Libo… the works. When he was Head of House, he used his veto power to save Terry instead of Sis Tamara, and still, he avoided drawing the latter’s ire.

He’s also survived due to a lack of any coordinated effort to oust him. While there was some attempt to target him by Venus and Mphowabadimo, Sis Tamara’s refusal to be drawn into any alliance, coupled with Nale and Venus not properly coordinating their votes meant that he dodged another bullet.

As for the five Nominated Housemates who are on the chopping block – it’s anybody’s guess. They’ve all survived multiple Eviction Shows. Gash1 and Thato hooking up has also generated a lot of support on social media, so they might be stronger than they were a few weeks ago. Honestly, there is no way of knowing. The only thing we can do is vote, and then see what happens on Sunday.