BBMzansi S3 2022: Sis Tamara Won The Week 3 Head Of House

Here is the result for the Big Brother Mzansi head of house game for week 3

BBMzansi Season 3 2022 Housemate Sis Tamara Won The Week 3 Head Of House

For a prize of gaining immunity from the week’s possible eviction, exclusive access to the Head of House Lounge for the week, but the liberty to pick one Housemate as Deputy with whom they will share the Head of House lounge was in play, the Housemates had their game faces on as usual in the week 3 of the Head of House game.

The Big Brother Mzansi Week 3 started with the housemates competing for the head of house (HOH) position. Anyone who wins the Head of House task will have the privilege to occupy the Big Brother lounge for the coming week and have a place in the reality TV show till the coming week without worry for eviction. The head of the house winner will also be immune from nomination this week.

The challenge started with Big Brother introducing the game to the housemates and ended with dancing around a chair Sis Tamara has got a place till next week for winning the Head of House challenge in the reality TV show for week three.

Sis Tamara emerged as the first Head of House in Season 3 after a clear win. After announcing the housemate’s win, Biggie gave the HoH the opportunity to select a Deputy HoH (DHoH). Luck shone on Yoli as he was chosen for this post to share the head of house luxury house.

Sis Tamara and Yoli, you now have exclusive access to the HoH lounge,” Biggie said.