BBMzansi S3 2022: Reasons Why The Housemates Don’t Have Their Name Tags

Reasons Why The 2022 Big Brother Mzansi Season 3 Housemates Don’t Have Their Name Tags

Big Brother Mzansi 2022 returned with a wrenching: the Housemates are not allowed to give one other their identities. They’re also not wearing the traditional name tags that Big Brother Mzansi housemates wear to identify themselves to the audience.

Of course, this means that viewers are fairly confused as to who is who, but they are still better placed than the Housemates. After all, we were given introductions during the event, whereas they did not.

Mondays are generally Nomination days. How can you nominate someone if you don’t know their name? Do you worry about Nominating the incorrect person or being Nominated by mistake? Of course, they may be hoping for no Nominations at all, but that may be a bit optimistic – Big Brother Mzansi is renowned for putting all sorts of stumbling blocks at the Housemates.

It’s still early days, and we have no clue what Biggie has in store for them, or how long he intends to keep them in the dark. We’ll just have to keep an eye on things.