BBMzansi S3 2022 Day 22: How Housemates Celebrated Their Valentine’s Day

How BBMzansi Season 3 2022 Housemates Celebrated Their Valentine’s Day

It’s Valentine’s Day. We are 22 days into season 3 of Big Brother Mzansi, which means we have all gotten quite familiar with the Housemates. In other words, we’ve sort of dated our crushes through the screen long enough to figure out what they are all about. Although they are now Evicted, we know that Dinkybliss and Acacia were both known for being straightforward with their game in romance. Both were swerved; Dinkybliss by Themba and Acacia by B.U. While both situations didn’t end as well as hoped, we got to learn much about how these ladies pursue romance.

BBMzansi: Housemates Valentine day celebration

The remaining Housemates have served up all the feelings with their displays of affection. We’ve seen all kinds of love languages, from affirmations of love to touch, random smooshes, massages, and more. So, by the time we asked viewers which Housemates they reckon would give them the best Valentine’s Day experience, the answers were motivated by more than just who they crush on. It’s now about what we’ve learned about the Housemates, and how we figure their personalities would shape the big day of love!

How All BBMzansi Housemates Celebrated Their Valentine’s Day

  • B.U.

The fact that B.U.’s game is considered slick and smooth is probably part of the reason he came up a lot. Many viewers feel that he’s naturally romantic and smooth, which would make for a perfect Valentine’s experience.

  • GASH1

He fl!rts with pretty much everyone in the House. That tells you everything you need to know; your Valentine’s experience would be filled with whispers of sweet many silly things. It would probably find him going from a formal three-piece suit to a no-shirt zone quite quickly.

  • LIBO
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Libo is genuine. Unlike some of the gents, the way he has pursued Mphowabadimo has been real, honest, and rather awe-inspiring. So you know your date would be filled with deep conversations about the future. There will be a lot of touching and cuddling too, since we’ve seen how much he can’t keep his hands off Mphowabadimo.


Mphowabdimo is a straight shooter. Although some of the Housemates find her to be too confrontational and fiesty at times, there’s no doubt that she’s also super sweet. She’s also direct and intentional, which means your date will have no lies filling up the table. Just many roses and good vibes.

  • NALE

Out of all the girls, Nale has been the hardest one for the gents to impress. She’s very friendly, warm, conversational, and even goofy, but that doesn’t mean she gives just about anyone access to her. She’s one hell of a conversationalist, with an ability to connect differently to all the Housemates. You know that dinner would be full of deep conversations.


What’s there not to love? Norman is a ball of fun! He’s the life of the party, the loud in every conversation, the funniest in any situation, and the liveliest in any room. You are going to have lots of energy to spare for this date.


Since her later arrival in Biggie’s House, Nthabii has only displayed a calm exterior. She’s generally quite zen, picking no smoke with anyone. The wildest she will get is on the dancefloor during the Saturday Night Party. A girl who loves the fun. That’s the theme of your Valentine’s date with her.

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Here, we are talking about the ‘it girl’ who hasn’t climbed up the ranks through putting up appearances. Sis Tamara is naturally infectious, with a personality and aura that makes them a star the minute they walk in the room. This date would be filled with many unforgettable moments.


She’s the self-proclaimed Baddie, and it shows. But when in a romantic situation, Terry can melt and be all mellow. We’ve seen how she can be around Vyno. This date would be very romantic, with sprinkles of loud fun.


Thato wants no smoke and no games. With Themba, she’s been honest about the fact that she needs a lot of clarity when it comes to courting. We think your date with her would be filled with honest and heartfelt conversations with many jokes in between. But you have to come as you really are.


Themba is a star. A date with him would be a movie! It’s Valentine’s Day you would never forget. From the jokes, to the random dances, the over-the-top clothes, the passionate debates and lots more.

  • TULZ

A brainyack with a mellow voice and a personality to die for. It would seem Tulz would be the type to sweep you off your feet! The jokes and punchlines come fast enough, yet the intellectual deep dives are no struggle. The charisma flows, and the charisma makes everything seem super cool. What a date!


What Venus won’t do is allow you to treat her like she’s one of many. B.U. has been learning the hard way that Venus is not here for someone who isn’t direct, or still wants to fl!rt around with other girls. Venus has the most intriguing personality, ever. She’s stunning, intelligent, funny and a bit serious. As long as you have all your eyes on her, we’re good. Bring flowers.

  • VYNO
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Vyno doesn’t beat around the bush. He’s used to big parties, touring, festivals and all. He’s a rockstar in real life, and a confident boy in Biggie’s House. Judging by the way he waited for no grass to go for Terry, Vyno’s date with you would be filled with lots of banter and touching!

  • YOLI

Yoli is a teacher in real life, and it we haven’t missed it on the show. Everyone gravitates to her warmth, her genuine charm, and her wealth of knowledge. She’s so sweet! This date would just be a bubble of romance and cuteness.

  • ZINO

Zino is a Gen-Z. He’s also the youngest in the house. Possibly the shyest too. It’s pretty obvious that he has a big heart and smile. This Valentine’s date is lush. It’s romantic and everything flows. Dreamy eyes and lots of poetic whispers.