#BBMzansi: Lawrence has just hinted at a shocking twist coming during tomorrow night’s Nomination

BBMzansi Nomination
BBMzansi Nomination


Lawrence has just hinted at a shocking twist coming during tomorrow night’s #BBMzansi Nomination! Remember to tune in to find out what it is Anxiety and Nominations, the pressure continues to build up!

In a conversation with Terry, Head of House, Libo tells her that the more people dwindle from the House, the clearer the vision seems to get. He makes it known that now more than ever his focus is ultimately only on the grand prize.

Themba tries to figure out Biggie’s next move. He has convinced himself that there’s going to be a Big twist tonight during the Evictions. He thinks that someone who was previously Evicted, will be making a return. By now Themba should know that no one can confidently say that they have Biggie figured out.

During their Diary Sessions, evidently stressed, Thato and Nale told Biggie that the worst thing that could happen to them tonight is getting Evicted. They are not ready to be booted out of the House, but then again, no one is.

Even though she’s evidently anxious about tonight, Mphowabadimo tells Biggie that this has been a week of gratitude. When Biggie asked her if she doesn’t win Big Brother Mzansi who would she want to win, even though it was difficult for her to respond, she uttered Gash1 and Libo’s names. “Housemates must live in their truth. From here going forward life is never going to be the same again.”

Gash1 may be in love, but when it comes to Evictions, his emotions are on a rollercoaster. His biggest concern is that he or Thato may be going home this evening. With a smile on his face, he says if he were to be shown the door, he would miss Biggie and Thato the most.

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However, Venus was evicted from the Big Brother Mzansi 2022 Show on Sunday, 13th March 2022 in Week 7 of the 2022 series which is getting hotter, and some housemates have also left the house. Venus was shocked to discover that Thato was one of the #BBMzansi Housemates that Nominated her.