BBMzansi: Gash1 is afraid of losing Thato

Gash1s fear of losing Thato
Gash1s fear of losing Thato


It seems Gash1 has had his eyes on Big Brother Mzansi’s Thato for quite some time. If you recall, not so long ago during his Diary Session, Gash1 mastered the courage to ask Biggie to organize a picnic for him and Thato.

Every time Gash1 has a one on one with Biggie, He reminds him about his request to organize a picnic for him and Thato. We are still waiting for Biggie to get back to Gash1 regarding this request. It seems Gash1’s aim is to show Thato just how special she is to him and that she is appreciated.

During his Diary Session yesterday, upon being asked how he was doing after losing Yoli and Norman to Evictions, Gash1 responded by saying that he is hanging in there but his emotions have been imbalanced. “Every now and then, my body hits an exhaustion cap.” Norman, Yoli, Gash1and Thato had a very good relationship and were quite close.

Losing Norman and Yoli at the exact same time was a double blow both for Gash1 and Thato. On the big night, the two couldn’t seem to hold back their tears and it seems they could only find comfort in each other. Since Yoli and Norman’s Eviction Gash1 and Thato are growing even closer and Gash1 has been brave enough to come clean to Biggie by telling him that he is afraid of losing her.

Biggie further asked Gash1 what he is concerned about the most. Very broken-spirited, he answered that his biggest concern currently is that he might not see Thato again. For those who might have missed this, Thato is up for possible Eviction and it’s all thanks to HoH Tulz, who used his veto power to save fellow Housemate Terry, putting Thato on the chopping block.

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Gash1 also told Biggie that he is enjoying every moment spent with Thato. However, due to unforeseen circumstances in the House, he cannot tell her how he really feels. He feels that the men in the House have been playing her and this has put her off of being interested in anyone in the House.