BBMzansi: Fans react to Thato as Gash1

Fans react to Big Brother Mzansi star ‘Thato‘ live video she made on her Instagram account when she was with Gash1.

Thato was live in a video thanking her fans for all the love and supports they showed her on her birthday.

Recall that Big Brother Mzansi star ‘Thato‘ receives some amazing gifts from her fans (Tash1) on her birthday which is happening today.

Thato  made this known on her social media page as she wrote:

Today is WORLD THATO DAY can’t believe I’m 29 years old, I still think they meant 1998 and not 1993 I sweaaaaar !!!!

Firstly thank you to Ausi Kate, Neo Hlungwani, Yolanda, and Amanda for organizing this birthday photoshoot for me I love you, and to everyone who contributed to it thank you very much ❤️🥺

I am so blessed to have family everywhere who just love me and want to see me win.

Strangers that are committed to making my dreams come true, a family that pushes my work /content, that defend me, and that makes me laugh (you guys are hilarious) the love FAR exceeds the hate, thank you.

May my whole life prove that God is good that’s all

I love you guys and thank you for the good wishes ❤️❤️❤️


However, Thato wrote;

“Thank you so much for making my birthday special and unique. Thank you for making every day special.

Actually thank you for making every single day special and as you can see.”

Thato went further to reveal about Gash1’s upcoming Homecoming which will take place on the 28 of May 2022.

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Thato further said she’s inviting all her lovers and fans to be there for the Gash1 homecoming party.

See Fan’s reactions Below;

I think these 2 a new staying together becoz I cant pass two days without seeing them together.

Thato yu better prepare yourself from that vomiting and sleeping sleeping becoz gash1 junior is coming soon😂😂😂

I like how Thato is still blushing when around Gash ❤️❤️ their love language is cute to watch

😂😂😂😂 not in front of the kids…Thatooooo we have seen you two kissing,i mean us the kids😂😂

Just in case u missed the live ☺️ guys they kissed 😘😘😻