BBMzansi Day 48: The party before the party

BBMzansi The party before thee party
BBMzansi The party before the party


Day 48: The party before thee party — BBMzansi

Music touches us all deeply, in ways that range from the obvious to the inexplicable. It can make us feel happy, reflective, thrilled, or even relaxed.

Biggie’s House should be dubbed the “House of music”, especially on Saturdays. Housemates woke up to the Yanos, Icamagu livumile was playing in the background. Heads and various body parts were found involuntarily moving as Mphowabadimo and Terry jammed to the track. The thing about music is that, when it gets hold of you, it REALLY gets hold of you.

No exception to Venus, while having her breakfast, the music got hold of her too and there was no resisting. In the middle of moving her head to the beat and singing, she randomly called out to Biggie to put the volume on max.

BBMzansi Housemates Saturday Night Party

“This is my favorite day in the House. We wake up to Amapiano…the Yanos.” Nale seemed excited as she enjoyed her own company.

Soon, the music got hold of all the Housemates. Biggie unleashed Gqom (dance music originating from Durban South Africa) and the dance floor and the jacuzzi was left shaking. While some of the Housemates took to the dance floor others opted to dance in the water.

This was the party before the party and the Housemates were only just getting started. There’s more where the dance moves and the great vibes came from. The Party Room is where the real deal is going to be! Two DJs and plenty of genres to pick from. Both the Housemates and the viewers at home will be in for a real treat. Akulalwa, kuvuka umakhelwane!