BBMzansi Day 31 2022: Biggie switched up the game with the Conspiracy Corner

Snakes enter CBD the House is divided – BBMzansi
Snakes enter CBD the House is divided – BBMzansi


Day 31: Snakes enter CBD, the House is divided – BBMzansi

Big Brother (Biggie) has switched up the game with the Conspiracy Corner and the House has been divided since the shocked man with Joburg CBD illustration and snakes
We know the title is a little scary for a moment but let us break it down for you. The Housemates living in the upstairs bedroom Summer Nights have now come to be known as the Snakes and as you’ve guessed by now the Summer Days Bedroom downstairs is CBD.

During today’s Diary Session, Housemates revealed the tension around the house especially around the transparency of the Conspiracy Corner as the biggest spice of the season – let’s hope they don’t get comfortable after all expect the unexpected with Biggie. That said, Housemates from the Summer Days Bedroom feel like the crew from upstairs now self-titled “snakes” are putting Housemates in the downstairs bedroom on the chopping block to get revenge on Zino’s Eviction. Clearly, he was everyone’s little brother and loved by all Housemates in Summer Nights.

Although this may be a possible strategy around the House, Tulz, a member of the snake crew felt like his part in the conspiracy corner to target people from downstairs didn’t stop him from being Nominated for possible Eviction. He believes that Nominations being open to everyone has shifted the power dynamics in the House – it has made the game unpredictable.

Mphowabadimo is happy about the Nominations plot twist because it’s disrupted some cliques in the House. She believes the corner has brought the House to its knees. However, she feels like the House is a little anxious about using the Conspiracy Corner since it exposes their plotting. All the Housemates in today’s Diary Session expressed excitement and interest in how this has changed the Nominations Diary Session.

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However, they choose to move forward during this week, the House still stands divided but will they fall? Or will this new dynamic bring in the heat we have been waiting for all this while? Who knows? We are equally excited as you are about shifting loyalties and changing strategies. The game is well in play and the R2 million is up for grabs.