BBMzansi: Biggie is the king of Tasks, He comes up with the best Tasks

Stones and Sticks battle it out — BBMzansi
Stones and Sticks battle it out — BBMzansi


BBMzansi Day 59: Stones and Sticks battle it out

Hands down, Biggie is the king of Tasks. He comes up with the best Tasks, it’s impossible not to want to join in today’s team Stones and Sticks, went head to head yet again as they took on each other in two games which were played back to back.

For the first game, one team member from Sticks and the other from Stones had to use an inflated ball to race each other. The teams had to first decide on the order in which they would be going. Once this was decided, the first members from each team had to get ready to start the game.

At the sound of the buzzer, the team members had to race from one end of the garden to the other as marked.

There’s still an ongoing debate between the two teams as to who actually won this game.

BBMzansi Housemates playing Twister

Once the race was concluded, the teams had to move on to game number two where they battle it out in a game of Twister.

Both teams competed on the same Twister mat and they had only an hour to complete this challenge. At the end of the game, the team with the most members standing was declared the winning team.

This challenge got off to an interesting start. Tulz took off his pants on the spot, apparently, he didn’t want them to get in the way of the game. After finding himself in a very compromising position, Libo tapped out and Sis Tamara came out victorious, meaning team Stones won.

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