BBMzansi: Biggie coming through with the spice

BBMzansi Biggie coming through with the spice
BBMzansi Biggie coming through with the spice


During last night’s Wager Task presentation, we couldn’t help but notice that Biggie was quite spicy. The peri-peri sauce from a certain food franchise has nothing on our Biggie.

With a lot of juicy scandals taking place in the House, Big Brother took full advantage of the situation.

Below we have compiled a list containing the top three moments when Biggie got extra spicy…

Biggie calls Nale “Sleeping Beauty…”

Biggie took a jab at Nale when, in the presence of all the other Housemates, he referred to her as “Sleeping Beauty”. Apart from her beauty, one thing about Big Brother Mzansi’s Nale is that she loves her sleep. She will, without feeling guilty, take a nap during the day and wake up when she feels hungry. As you already know, Biggie sees and hears EVERYTHING. Evidently, he is aware of what Nale has been getting up to, hence the nickname “Sleeping Beauty”.

When the Housemates left the Arena after the Wager Task presentations, Nale unimpressed, mentioned that since Biggie called her Sleeping Beauty, she was never ever going to sleep again. Viewers were having a blast on our timeline.

Here are some of the viewers’ reactions…

Biggie says Venus’s song is depressing

Last week, also during the Wager Task presentation, shots were fired when Biggie remarked that Venus’s song was depressing. As expected, Venus was quick to defend her creation. Who wouldn’t? Judging from all the comments on Twitter, it seems the viewers agreed with Biggie.

Have a look at what they had to say…

Biggie to Libo: “Is this your word and you are sticking to it?”

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The thing about Biggie is that he comes for everyone, whether you are HoH or a regular Joe. Head of House Libo also got a taste of his spiciness when, after answering a question, Biggie without so much as a smirk asked if that was his story and if he was sticking to it.

Twitter went crazy. Here’s what our timeline looked like…

Between Biggie and Big Brother Mzansi’s host, Lawrence Maleka, who do you think is the spiciest?