BBMzansi 2022: Tulz’s talks about his famous brown garment

Tulzs famous brown garment
Tulz’s famous brown garment


We all have that one item that we refuse to part ways with, no matter how old or worn out it has become. To others, it might seem shabby, but to you, it’s just special.

Tulz’s famous brown garment, yes, his jersey holds a special place in his heart and we finally understand why.

There have been many rumours about this jersey. Some people have gone as far as saying it holds magical powers. Apparently every time Tulz puts it on, things mysteriously work in his favour.







This article serves to explain exactly why this jersey is special to Tulz. During his Diary Session, the Housemate explained that, unlike his other clothing items, this particular one was knitted for him by his grandmother. It is truly a labour of love to spend weeks knitting with your very hands. He further said every time he puts it on, he feels lucky. This should explain why he wears this mostly on special days. It’s purely for luck Mzansi, and has absolutely nothing to do with “magic”.





Last night when Biggie played recorded messages from the top five’s families, Tulz’s family expressed just how proud they are of him for making it to the top five.  Wait for it, his grandmother then encouraged him to wear his jersey.





If you happen to spot him in his grandmother’s creation during the finale, don’t be surprised. There’s really nothing sinister or magical. Apart from it being special to him, the man will only be honouring his grandmother’s request.

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