BBMzansi 2022 top 5 plans when they leave the House

BBMzansi 2022 top 5
BBMzansi 2022 top 5


It seems that they have made a whole lot of plans when they leave the house and we can’t blame them, being around the same group of people for as long as they have, friendships and bonds were going to be formed. We wonder what the motivation will be once they leave the house and if they will wager 100% for these tasks that they have planned.

There’s an array of things that the Housemates have said they will do when they leave the house. Will they be able to maintain these friendships and will everything that has been agreed upon happen when one of them because a millionaire? There’s a saying along the lines of “money changes people”.

Besides, it’s easier to commit to things when you know that Biggie hears and sees everything.

Start a WhatsApp group

We have so many questions when it comes to this plan. Will all the Housemates be in the group? Who will start the group? Have the evicted Housemates already started the group and will everyone be the admin? We just wonder what they will talk about and if they’ll send each other memes of themselves that are circulating all over the internet.

Go to Cape Town

The Housemates have also decided that they will be going to Cape Town and that in Cape Town they will be spending the money of wH0ever will win the R2 million. We are honestly just here for the videos and pictures that will come out of this trip if it happens.

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Go to groove

The one thing the House ages want to do when they’re out of the House is going to groove together and we know why. The Saturday Night Parties are always charged with amazing energy and the Housemates have the most fun when they are rocking. We see this one happening without a doubt.

Continue shipping

We all want to believe that the relationships that formed inside the House will carry on after the House. Has anyone checked in on Vyno and Terry, because the last time they spoke, we heard two people who were talking about kids and discussing their career moves together? There’s also Gash1 and Thato and we hope that even outside the House they won’t be able to keep their hands off each other; we did hear Gash saying the first thing he’s doing when leaving the house is marrying her.