BBMzansi 2022: Themba, Tulz and Libo reminisced about memorable impressions some ex-Housemates made in Biggie’s House

Themba Tulz and Libo reminisced about memorable impressions
Themba Tulz and Libo reminisced about memorable impressions


Some first experiences tend to turn to long and lasting impressions and in the case of Themba, Tulz, and Libo they have a few things to share about their early days in BBMzansi. During one of their conversations, the Finale finalists couldn’t help but share their thoughts on the long and winding meetings that we ended up calling “pillow talk.”

It is important to create a sense of order in running Biggie’s House but while they were finding their feet from leadership ranks and to dominant personalities, the Housemates truly encountered some interesting hurdles, and this trio has a few things to share about their time.

Pillow talk meetings…

In trying to create a sense of unity and order, Tulz during his first leadership reign as HoH introduced the pillow talk meetings. Unlike the name suggests, a Housemate needed to raise their hand and receive the pillow to be allowed to talk. Quite an interesting method of creating a balanced conversation. However, Themba feels like the meetings were too long and many Housemates abused the need to have meetings. He feels like they ate into their sleeping time and some Housemates requested these “family meetings” to just prove they can speak.

Fiery Personalities …

There’s no way of sugar-coating it, where strangers are gathered, some personalities are bound to clash. Tulz and Libo believe that Dinkybliss and Acacia wore their craziness on their sleeves and Themba is surprised that he was close to both ex-Housemates. Tulz believes that he got along with Acacia because he always ended up in fights, however, during his fight with Dinkybliss he says Sis Tamara came to his aid and insisted that he keeps the peace and not ruin his reputation. After all, he was three days into his reign as HoH and didn’t want to jeopardize anything.

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That said, Themba, Tulz, and Libo have come so far in the game, and reminiscing about their early days is just as expected considering they have the comfort of knowing they are in the Finale.