BBMzansi S3 2022: Things got emotional – second task today – Housemates shared their feelings to the Housemates

Things got emotional – BBMzansi
Things got emotional – BBMzansi

BBMzansi Season 3 2022 Housemates Second Task

For their second Task today, the Housemates shared their feelings to the Housemates they most treasured, and their desires to repair broken relationships with others. It got weepy, pretty quickly.

Thato Crying.

It was an emotional day today – because that’s the way Big Brother wanted it. Earlier in the week, the Housemates were instructed to make some stuffed toys and write some cards. Each Housemate would be required to give the toy (and a card) to a Housemate to whom they wanted to show some love (this being the week of Valentine’s Day, after all), and another card would be given to a Housemate with whom they wanted to mend fences. Basically, the Task was all about showing some love and doing one’s best to make space for some more.

  • Here, then, is an analysis of what each of the BBMzansi Housemate had to say to the others.


Sis Tamara went first, and she started with an honourable mention of Terry, saying that “I love our relationship, but I am scared by it.” This ecH0es something of what she has said in Diary Sessions – she doesn’t want to be stuck in a co-dependent relationship. She also said that she enjoys her relationship with Tulz, “because I’ve never had an older brother.”

Then she got into the meat of the Task. Reading from the first card, she said, “I enjoy you. I just want to say, ‘thank you for being you.’ Hugs and kisses.” She then walked over to Thato and gave her the stuffed toy. Already, some eyes were getting just a little bit wet.

Then she moved on to the “mending fences” card. “I didn’t know how to connect with you. I really don’t know what I wanted – or what I was looking for – from you. This week, that changed. I got to see Nale with her hair down – literally.”


Then it was Thato’s turn, and she quickly admitted to not having her Mending Fences card ready. Gash1 told her to sit down and work on it while the others were handing out their cards. We’ll have to pick this up, later.


“This is my Mending Fences card. It reads, ‘A letter to one of the toughest people I know. We had a rough start, but I’m proud of the progress we’ve made in the House.” Then she dropped the name of her intended recipient: “Gash1 – we’ve very different people, but we’re also the same.”

“This,” she continued after her obligatory hug with Gash1, “is my ‘I Love You card. I do have a bestie in the House. I love you so much; I think we’re going to be friends for a long time, Venus. I really think you’re powerful.” Cue the waterworks and a wet-faced Venus.


Venus played it somewhat safe with her “I Love You” card. “Honestly, I didn’t know who this card was going to.” She intended to give it to any of the Housemates that didn’t get something nice. She kept the messaging somewhat generic. “You’re an amazing person, and I’m honoured to have met you in this life. XOXO – Venus”

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Right – so… not much we can glean from that.

Then, she addressed Themba. “Sorry I swore at you the day before last. Saying F-U was definitely a stretch, I hope we’ll be cool going forward.


Themba then gave Venus a toy right back, “for the same reason.” That helped lighten the mood, a little bit.

Then he addressed Thato: “This one is for you. I wrote ‘I love you. If you think there’s nobody that loves you in the House, you’re wrong.” Another opportunity to cue the waterworks, and we now had a very damp Thato.


Holding aloft a stuffed pig, Terry said, “this is Piggy.” Okay. No surprises, yet. “I know you miss your daughter, so use this teddy as a snuggle buddy while you miss her. Stay beautiful.” Then she walked over to Venus and gave her Piggy. Alright – more tears, but this time it was expected. She brought up her daughter, yo!

About her mending fences card, she said, “I’ve been having a difficult time coming to grips with my relationship with this person. I may get annoying, but I hope we can make this work, and enjoy real life together. By this point, everybody knew she was talking about Vyno. “I didn’t put a name on it,” Terry said, for precisely that reason.


Let’s get it out of the way – Vyno returned the favour. Giving her a stuffed moon – or, at least, a stuffed semi-circle that will have to pass as a reasonable facsimile of a moon – he said, “the moon lights up the night, as you light up my life inside this madhouse.” Okay, it isn’t exactly Shakespeare, but the Housemates (and Terry) have been cooped up for so long that they don’t have the highest standards when it comes to literature, anymore. It did the trick.

Then he moved on to mending a fence, as it were. “I feel like me and this person have never had a chance to speak on a deeper level. Dear Nthabii, I hope you receive this letter as I wrote it – with a kind heart.” There were murmurs of, “awww.”


Zino didn’t exactly start strong. “I’m not gonna lie, I didn’t put in any effort. I even spelt ‘appreciate’ wrong. It says, ‘I appreciate you. I am so happy to have you in my life, Yoli.’” This got Yoli into some of the sniffles.

Then he moved on to his Mending Fences card. “It’s for Gash1. F#¢k you.” That got a couple of laughs. “We need to talk, and mend bridges.” Gash1 seemed to agree.


B.U. started with his Mending Fences card. “I feel like this person just has a vibe to them. You have such a power and an addictive personality. I wish I understood you better.” He turned to Terry. “I think we’ve had a few moments that didn’t sit well with me.” Since Terry tore into him yesterday, we’d think that was an accurate thought.

Then he started to cry. “This one is addressed to ‘Little Broski,’ because he reminds me of my little bro.” Handing the card to Libo, he said, “everything I don’t want to talk to you about is inside this card.”

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Alright, now tears were just flowing everywhere. Thato was still going and was starting to look alarmingly sodden.


“This is for the one person where I tread lightly,” said Tulz. Giving his Mending Fences card to Mphowabadimo, he said, “I know I can talk a lot of smack, and some people find that offensive.” Which – we think – is some form of an apology for something.


Then Mphowabadimo stood up and… we don’t know. We can’t know because that is when the show cut to an ad break. An ad break, guys! Luckily, we didn’t lose everything Mpho said, because when we returned, we were just in time to see her saying to Zino, “…enjoy your new chapter.”

And that was it. So, Mpho’s contribution to the Task will forever be shrouded in mystery. We’ll try to ask her that the minute she leaves the House, whenever that might be.


Then it was Yoli’s turn, and she held aloft her stuffed toy. “It’s a starfish,” she said, “and it’s for you, Zino. Thank you for being so consistent. You are exactly the kind of little brother I wish I had. Never stop being you.”

Then she said, “there’s someone in this House that reminds me of myself. That person knows who they are. Stand up.” Tentatively – because who would want to get this wrong, Thato stood. Yoli gave her a card, telling her to read it herself. Clearly, Yoli wrote more than one “I Love You” card.

Then she moved on to the mending of fences. Turning to Mpho, she said, “we misunderstood each other. Now, I can safely say that I’m actually connecting with you.” The look on Mpho’s face suggested that the feeling might not have been entirely mutual.


Norman started by trying to repair his relationship with Themba. “I feel like we’re getting to where we should be. I’ve tried to show you that what happened in Week One shouldn’t be happening now. The past is the past.” That’s quite the change of heart from somebody who once called Themba a “snake” in the Diary Room.

Then he got his kind card at the ready: “I made this for Thato. You deserve something real and authentic. I’ve had a lot of chats with this girl about her interpretation of love. I would like her to let go.” By this time, Thato could only be described by assorted adjectives usually reserved for low-lying countries like the Netherlands: “water-logged,” for example.


Then Libo – had his turn. He kept it short and sweet. “You’re awesome,” he said to… Venus? Note, he said it to Venus, not Mphowabadimo. Hey, she made her feelings clear. It seems Libo might have moved listened.

Then he took looked at a fence, if not quite mending it. Addressing Gash1, he said, “despite our differences, I would like for us to keep things civil. Let’s be clear – we’re not friends, but let’s keep walking.”

Okay, then.


Finally done with her card, Thato – who was in danger of dehydration – took the floor. “This Task was very tough for me.” Yeah, we could tell. “To Yoli – you are the sweetest, kindest and best girl in the whole world. And like a rose – it’s supposed to be a rose, okay,” she said, pointing to the stuffed material in her hand, “bloom where you’re planted.”

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Then she addressed Mpho – “I believe I became aggressive with trying to get into your space. I want to apologise for that. I don’t dislike you. I misunderstood you, and I projected. I’m sorry.” Again, Mpho either wasn’t feeling it, or she’s just not very good at being on the receiving end of this sort of thing.


Nthabii addressed Gash1, saying, “I haven’t made an effort to get to know you. You deserve to experience my light, too.” Uhm… is that something of a brag, there?

“To Mpho,” she went on,” then you so much for the person you are. I’m learning a lot from you, and I would like to know more. I’m here for growth.” At this, Mphowabadimo beamed from ear to ear. Okay, so she does know-how.


Going last, Gash1 had a little something for all the guys. He modelled them on the cross, triangle, square and circle that make up the buttons on a Playstation controller, because – apparently – that’s what guys do.

Giving the circle to Zino, he said, “We started on a very good note. Something broke what we had. What I want you to know is that I hope we can complete the circle and get back to where we began.”

“The X goes to Zino. This X is to remind you that you are the crossing for all of us.”

To Tulz, he gave the square, “because you keep me in check. As much as I am inside the box, you make me think outside the box. You keep me in line.”

To Big Brother, he gave a stuffed toy, “for allowing me to grow. This is to you, Big Brother.”

Not making much sense with his attempt to mend a fence, he told Norman, “sorry, I tried to be an ass. I just couldn’t.” Never mind – Norman understood what it was all about.

There you have it. Will today’s Task lead to peace, love and muesli, or are the relationships likely to continue down the rocky path they’ve been on for the past week or so? Time will tell.