BBMzansi 2022: final week performance of season 3

The BBMzansi final performance
The BBMzansi final performance



As the Housemates get ready for their final bow during the final week of #BBMzansi S3, Biggie has tasked them with channeling the recollection of their journey in the House. Here’s everything you need to know.

We are now in the final week of BBMzansi season 3. There are only five players in the House, and each day marks a step closer to the grand prize of R2 Million. But before that final bow, Biggie has tasked the Housemates with looking back at their experience in the House and then packaging that into a single play. This is the final curtain call at the Thursday Night Presentation, just days before the finale finally lands.

Working together, the Housemates are to put on a single play about their journey over the past 10 weeks. The play should not be less than 30 minutes in length. As part of this week’s theme of ‘nostalgia’, the play will be giving the Housemates an opportunity to bring their subjective experiences of this journey to life. As such, it should reflect both the Top 5’s individual experiences, as well as their collective journey.

The Top 5 Housemates have since received props and memorabilia from the previous week’s themes that can be used to prepare for the Presentation. The Housemates have been given the green light to make a special request through a wish list that would include anything additional needed for the production.

There’s a lot that the Housemates could be looking to dive into. Gash1 came in with a character that he’d discovered once he arrived in the House; from which he has evolved to reveal different layers to his personality. Mphowabadimo has often talked about being an outcast in the House, an experience that also influenced how she played her game.

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During the diary sessions, Libo revealed to Biggie that being true to himself is part of the reason he’s been able to come this far in the game. However, that authenticity has been tested a few times through the ups and downs he has had with Mphowabadimo, the alliance, and the conspiring.

Not forgetting, he has said on several occasions that he feels that he hasn’t been getting the same level of romantic attention his fellow Housemates have seen. These themes are available for Libo to explore for the play.

In the beginning, Themba vowed he would not be putting his emotions on display on the show. He started out saying that he wasn’t looking for a relationship in the House. However, that changed as he ended up pursuing both Venus and later Mphowabadimo. His evolution in the House has been fascinating to watch and will be even more intriguing to see from his perspective in the play.

Tulz became the first Head of House, and tonight was also crowned the last Head of House for this season. This marks three times that he has been HoH this season. Far from that making his life easy in the House, he has had to strategies and works the conspiracy corner to avoid being nominated. It worked. How will that come up in the play?

The Housemates have begun laying down the foundations for the Presentation.

We are in Finale Week, with five Housemates hoping to secure your votes to win the thing and R2 million. You know what to do.