BBMzansi 2022: Biggie gave the remaining top 5 housemates tasks

Biggie gave Housemates task
Biggie gave Housemates task




If you could write a letter to a younger version of yourself, what would you say? Biggie has been giving the remaining Housemates tasks to get them through the final week and one of the tasks he gave them required that they write a letter about who they were when they entered the house and who they are now.

The Housemates got to read their letters out loud to each other in the garden with the same setup they had for their out-in nature Wager Task. Their thoughts were lit by the bonfire and Biggie kept them warm by bringing out the hot chocolate. Tulz believes that Biggie makes the best hot chocolate ever.

He would like to apologize for the pain he’s inflicted on himself and he realizes that playing different characters created a harsh and hostile environment around him because people didn’t get to know him.

He came into the House a man who viewed himself as half empty, incomplete, inadequate and he was pessimistic about the future. He has developed faith and hope in the House and has grown.

She came into the House eating gold but she didn’t feel like gold. She said that she believes that she’s a true testament to everything happening for a reason, sometimes to rise, you have to fall to get up and find your balance.

He’d always described himself as a Lone Ranger. He believed in talking less and dressing well. He came into the house with no hope and now he has big dreams, he believes that success consists of a series of failures and not giving up.

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He said that he came in holding on to everything that he had lost, his job and not having a place to stay and he allowed those things to define him. He said what he last learned in the House is that what matters is how you feel and see yourself, not all battles are worth fighting, serve yourself and the people you love, change the world before it changes you.

Points were made. What’s the first thing you would do upon leaving the Big Brother House?