BBMzansi 2022: Biggie decided to give the Housemates a Task that would lighten up the mood

Biggie Task
Biggie Task


If you’ve been around the block like most people, you know the internet has blessed us with many videos where people have prioritised saving their bottles of alcohol by all means no matter where they are. Yes, they’ve made us chuckle a couple of times and we guess the BBMzansi Housemates by all means made sure to keep those shot glasses safe as they took on this interesting Task.

After this week’s High Stakes theme, Biggie decided to give the Housemates a Task that would lighten up the mood. Although the game didn’t involve an actual drink, we think the brown coloured liquid made it feel so serious the Housemates had to protect their drink at all costs.

Of course, Biggie prepared a winding obstacle to spice up the Task. The Housemates were split into two teams, Team Blue and Team Green. As you know by now when the Big Brother Mzansi house is divided, the competition just gets more intense.

In a relay game, each team had to decide the order in which they would run the course, one team after the other. A table was placed in front of the Housemates, and on the table, there was a shot glass and a decanter filled with brown coloured liquid.

At the sound of the buzzer, the first in line had to pour the brown coloured liquid from the decanter into a shot glass, then hold the shot glass in one hand before proceeding to the obstacles.

Obstacle one:

Following the arrows, Housemates had to go in between and around cones.

Obstacle two:

Housemates had to climb over a black bench without stepping on it.

Obstacle three:

Housemates had to walk across a balance beam from point A to point B.

Obstacle four:

Housemates had to crawl from the starting point marked with a line and make their way all the way to the table with the Jonnie Walker bottle.

Once there they had to pour whatever liquid they had left in the shot glass into the decanter, then pass the empty shot glass to the next teammate who then had to start the course from the starting line.

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While going through all these obstacles, the brown coloured liquid had to be protected at all costs. After a very close call, the Blue team consisting of Themba, Terry, Tulz and Gash1 came out victorious.