BBMzansi 2022: Biggie arranged an emotional celebration for the top 5 housemates

BBMzansi First of many celebrations
BBMzansi First of many celebrations


It’s been one whirlwind of a journey to the Top 5 but today wound down to an emotional celebration of this achievement amongst many other surprises from Biggie.

Dinner party for top 5 housemates

After being away from their loved ones for so long, Biggie surprised the remaining Housemates with heartwarming messages from their loved ones. Tonight was all about love, with a gentle reminder of why the Housemates are in the House.

Some Housemates we’ve often seen as firm or calculated let down their guard in this tear-jerking and vulnerable moment. One by one they tried to hold back tears as they saw their loved ones cheer them on and in some instances, reveal the stan names you’ve given each other as fan bases. While the families showed their love and support for the Top five’s gameplay, one thing that resonated across all messages was encouraging each of them to keep playing their game.

Not your ordinary blesser … Biggie keeps his word

While Biggie has had a generous hand this season, he kept his word and kicked off Finale Week by rewarding the Top 5 with an elegant dinner party. To set the mood, Biggie brought in an ensemble to play some music while the Housemates munched and sipped their night away. A little pat on the back for keeping their head in the game.

Gash1 and Mphowabadimo couldn’t help but take it to the dancefloor as the trio played classical symphonies like “Thank you for the music” who can blame them? As it stands, it was a beautiful moment to be thankful for both the music and Big Brother for throwing them such a party. Like any member of the family, we think Biggie has been stepping up for his Housemates and today was one of the many ways he remains the coolest Big Brother anyone can ever have.