BBMzansi 2022: Big Brother Mzansi Finalists have already been decided

Big Brother Mzansi Finalists
Big Brother Mzansi Finalists


By now, the Big Brother Mzansi Finalists have already been decided – we just don’t know who they are, yet. Once the results come in tomorrow, the entire season will come into play to decide how the final week plays out.

Voting has already closed for this week: Mphowabadimo, Gash1, Terry, Thato, and Sis Tamara are all up for possible Eviction tomorrow night, and a full 60% of them will be leaving the House if we are to have a Top 5 come Monday, but – Biggie will decide how many Housemates will be in the House for the final week.

If Top 5 is a thing (as it has been on other editions of Big Brother), two of the Nominated Housemates will be making it through to the Top 5, and it’s a difficult job to try and predict who those two will be. Each of them has a reason to be somewhat confident – they’ve all survived Evictions before. However, some have survived more Evictions than others. This is not – on its own – enough to tell who is in with the best chance, but it is suggestive, and it formed the basis of Themba’s decision to use his Ultimate Veto Power to save Libo and Tulz. Think of it like this: who would you rather face in the final? Tulz, who hasn’t been up for Eviction once, or Mphowabadimo, who has been on the chopping block almost every single week of her time in the House, and has survived every single time? Exactly.

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In other words, nobody should be betting against Mphowabadimo without giving it some serious thought. She’s survived week after week, and there’s no reason to think that her luck has run out. The thing is, she’s up against Housemates who aren’t much less lucky. Lovebirds Thato and Gash1 have also survived numerous Eviction Sundays (especially Gash1), so there’s a possibility for something of an upset, here. And – while the Housemates don’t know this – their relationship has certainly caught the imagination of viewers, and that might just be enough to get them over the edge. Or, at least, one of them. The odds that both will be the ones who survive are about 20:1.

Sis Tamara and Terry have survived fewer Evictions, but that doesn’t mean we should count them out. Like the others, both are extremely popular with viewers, so there really is no guarantee that they won’t be able to make it through. This is the problem with forecasting – it’s hard.

So, what can we predict? Well, for one thing, we’ll finally get an idea of how popular Tulz is. As already mentioned, he’s never been up for Eviction – a feat for which he deserves credit. He’s dodged every single bullet and is now guaranteed a position in the Finale without once having had to survive a vote! As a result, he has no idea about his popularity outside the House. It’s never been tested. The thing is, we also have no idea. When the Finale rolls around, we’ll at least be able to tell where he sits relative to the other finalists.

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The same could be said for Libo, who’s only been nominated once. It’s going to be interesting to see where he finishes after the final votes are counted. It’s going to be even more interesting if Mphowabadimo makes it to the Finale. Their long-running disagreements have divided the show’s fans, and it’ll be insightful to see how they do relative to one another.

Then there’s Themba. As we mentioned in another article, Themba has been peaking at exactly the right time: consecutive weeks as Head of House, winning the Ultimate Veto Power – this has all come as the competition draws to a close, right when it matters. He used his UVP to give himself what he saw as his best chance of winning the Finale. The votes will finally show if all of that was for nothing. A miss is as near as a mile.