BBMzansi 2022: Another Saturday Night Party down and only one left to go

BBMzansi Saturday Night Party
BBMzansi Saturday Night Party



Maybe it was because the Housemates know that the final week is about to kick off, but they wasted no time in getting down during tonight’s Saturday Night Party – the weekly shindig sponsored by Johnnie Walker. We had to twerk, fit pumps, synchronized bopping – the works.

The party was opened by DJ Le Soul, who dropped a few sublime beats with a sense of minimal tech infused with House. The recipe worked for everyone: Housemates and viewers alike. Even Themba could be seen abandoning his usual spot – the corner – and taking to the floor with gusto. Tulz also managed to pull himself away from behind the bar to get in on the action.

Taking over from DJ Le Soul was DJ Venom, who immediately took the party into a decidedly more hip-hop direction, and the stylings of some of South Africa’s finest musos were on offer from the jump. The crisp beats had the guys mugging it up for the camera as their lives depended on it.

Throughout the party, Mphowabadimo could be seen with just the biggest smile on her face, her Nomination and tomorrow’s Live Eviction Show forgotten for the moment. She wasn’t the only one: Terry, Sis Tamara, and Thato were just as carefree.

Cheers to the three who took themselves to the Finale!

Then – all too soon – it was time to pack it up. The Housemates left the floor and returned to the House that has been their home for nine weeks. Tomorrow night, they’ll all be waiting to find out which of them will proceed to the Finale, and which of them just celebrated their last party in the House.