Ayanda Thabethe reveals why her baby doesn’t show up on social media

Ayanda Thabethe baby
Ayanda Thabethe baby


Ayanda Thabethe says her son will not surface on social media and she explains why.

It’s the habit of most celebrities to keep their kids off social media; while some do it for privacy, a few others do it to leave their fans curious.

Taking to Twitter, the TV personality claimed she’d like to have her baby’s face tattooed on her body.

“Should I get a tattoo of my son’s name or dob … I don’t have a tattoo it would be my first,” she wrote.

A fan requested to know his name, and she made it clear that social media is off limit for her child as it’s a dark place.

“I’m never posting my son’s name or pictures on SM … sad coz I’d love to but SM is a dark place and I love that boy too much,” Ayanda wrote.