Arm’s Length – Object Permanence Lyrics

Object Permanence Lyrics By Arm’s Length

I’ve got object permanence
I know exactly where you went
Too proud to prove you could
Pick up where I left
So you just start again

Please come back home to me
End all of my dog whistling
You sing harmonies
As my ears ring me to sleep
Oh no, it couldn’t be

Please come and shake me when I’m talking in my sleep
My dreams have been so f*cked and I don’t know what it means
Where I can’t touch the bottom and you drag me
By my feet
So scared of getting scared
I know what’s underneath
Blue beyond belief

I am your baby bird
Catching every other word
You breathe life into a body washed ashore
And call it love

You said
“I’d run forever if they let me
When I lose my legs
Would you put me down?”
Like taxidermy versions
Of your dogs hung on the wall

You’re getting good at letting go at your own pace
I think I’ll hold on until my fingers slip away
You can’t really be as angry as that look upon your face

And on picture day
You wish you never came
You said you’d never smile with teeth again

I’ll stare at the sky until I see it blink
I will see the good in everything