Armani Caesar – Hunnit Dolla Hiccup Lyrics

Armani Caesar – Hunnit Dolla Hiccup Lyrics

(Armani Caesar)
Im screaming f*ck b!tches
To them f*ck b!tches
I’m up b!tches!
No dose
What b!tches?
Pearl handle 38
Goons in the cut
Snooze if you want
When I do’s
It gets done
Its that real
Pussies stay mad still
I just

Light up ya Ave
And pop me a Advil
Its Louis stead of goose now
Hunnit dolla hiccups
They say I got the juice now
Like I murked Bishop
My only competition starin at me in the mirror
Momma told me not to grow up fast
I ain’t wanna hear her
Gotta team of bad b!tches
When they pass get the shivers

Cut up bad
Get the scissors
When the cash get delivered
Don’t catch feelings I catch flights
I don’t chase n!gga* of no type
You da H0e type
I’m the doe type
Murda scene Caese
Killin all dat sh!t

Y’all ghost write
Chain where the titties be
Bag where the blicky be
I’m on some chill sh!t
But this Mac on a killin’ spree
I ain’t the hottest out?
Is you kiddin me
b!tches wanna clique wit me?
Cuz they really scared to be my enemy
(Benny The Butcher)
Yo, yo I been nice since vogues and flat tops

Maurice Malone and crack rock
When will all of this cap stop
I didn’t bring this gat out to slap box
Rappers gon fold like laptops
I represent for all the have nots
Coaches don’t joke with the mascots
I just pick who take the last shot
200 grand on the coffee table
Covered it I thought we lost the table
Get a strip and get some raw for sell

Ima tell you how a boss a tell you
Though I’m feelin like a star
I remember when a n!gga had it hard as hell
Pressure gs wasted off in jail
That’s a story that my scars will tell
Let me welcome n!gga* to the terrordome
This the gxf marathon
Every member we got carats on
We run this sh!t
So we share batons
West had it, Passed it to Conway

I got to watch how it was carried on
Very strong
Every bar
Kept his foot on n!gga* necks very long
On my turn I embarrassed y’all
But I knew that I would bury y’all
Mani up and the gang down
Her prepared for y’all
She ain’t scared of y’all lil n!gga*
(Stove God Cooks)
Fly by you in the cullinan
Just left the plug again

Crack heads do the running man
The money running in
Couldn’t fit no more inside the pot
I had to stuff it in
Free my n!gga Woke
He 5 summers in
Playin’ wit her p*ssy in the hellcat
I’m like come again
She like I wanna go upstairs

I’m like I want 100 bricks
You know I’m on God time
Wrist time
Brick time
South side
Barber shop
Parking lot
Fed cameras outside
And they was patient
They was waitin’
They was watchin’ us like everybody loves Raymond
My young boy hanging out the corvette
Griselda, Michelle
And west behind the wheel
And I’m in the back stampin stoves on kilos for real
Ha, ha