Aodhan – Catch Up Lyrics

Aodhan – Catch Up Lyrics

Yeh I fumbled, yeh I stumbled out of bed
Everything just looked so different in my head

Didn’t think I would be stuck inside again
Here I am
Drowning in my clothes
Piling up and over
It’s getting kinda old

I don’t need sympathy just time
The curtains are closing and I
Already feel like I’m falling behind

What am I hoping that I’ll find
Trying to catch up on a
day, then a week, then a year at a time

Well its been a fair few months since ive been away
Could’ve been on the road with a couple shows to play
And I was thinkin that today might be the day
But here ill stay

The shifting tide
No it don’t feel right
I don’t know where it all went wrong
Life goes by
From the window’s side
How can I see where the times gone