Anfa Rose – STILL GOT IT Lyrics

STILL GOT IT Lyrics By Anfa Rose (feat. Eli Sostre)

I’ve been on top of your list And you know i’m well aware I just popped me a pair
Oh Yeah
Whisper in my ear
Got a nice ring too it
Both got someone else Can’t do it like we do Sweat run down your back On your body
Got you soaking wet
Keep you soaking wet
Don’t let me land
We touch the sky
Went hand In hand

Even when you’re with him
You still know I got it, You still know I got it You still know I got it
That b!tch want me for my soul
Hurt for me to let you go
But if you thinking bout me let me know Girl if you really want me let it show
Tell me its love baby gas me
Santa Monica penthouse you fancy
I aint boujee pull up in a taxi
She offthe coke and she blasted

Tryna come through the mansion
Said that she ready for action
I like my b!tch nasty
You’ve been missed tonight
No more mister nice

Put my heart on ice
Put my drink on ice
Tell me what’s really on your mind tonight Disappear reappear
Heard you got someone else
But you here and he ain’t here
And now you on the fence
Oh now I understand
Said you want more then friends
Said you want S & M