Anfa Rose – FADE2BLACK Lyrics

FADE2BLACK Lyrics By Anfa Rose

Woah woah, look now
Used to look up to you, now I look down
Still its good luck to you, I won’t be around
CauseI used to be in love with you, now I ain’t now
You ain’t ever tryna meet me halfway
Its always your way, or no way
Feel like you being attacked when I don’t fall in line

You want everything, all the time, dotted line
No reply for you if you don’t like what I say
If you ain’t used to the real then the truth seems fake
I got, vibes from the west to the middle east
Lies put to rest keep my mind at ease
O’s in my name, O’s in the bank

O’s on the whip, O’s of the dank
C’s on my b!tch, C’s on the frames
Sleepless at night, seizing the day
All I ever wanted was the real you
I don’t even know what to believe now
Don’t know what I’m seeing when I see you now
Thought that you was solid but you’re see through
Yeah, let me take a minute
You blame everyone but you

You love to play the victim
You keep running into yourself but you don’t realise it
Got your eyes closed running straight into your vices
You got nice clothes, nice ass, nice watches
But you’re ice cold, you don’t know what being nice is
You don’t value anything but you know what the price is
You just a sign of the times
We living through a crisis