Andy Bell – Lifeline Lyrics

Lifeline Lyrics By Andy Bell

The other side of the looking glass
There’s a world to believe in
A world of endless connections
Drowning in meanings
At the end of the rabbit hole
There is only confusion

As you burn through the last of your friends
Chasing down an illusion
You’ve found that your leaders
Don’t care about you
Owned by corporations

Wheels of power turn without you
But there’s no conspiracy
Where all this is connected
The meanings you find
Are your missing pieces reflected
All alone
Didn’t mean to be all alone

Didn’t come here to be left out at sea
You’ll wake up one morning
Realise it’s a sewer
And the others who dragged you down
Were only hurting like you were
Isolated and burned by life
And in need of protection
Is it time to start moving in another direction?