…And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead – Penny Candle Lyrics

[…And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead – Penny Candle Lyrics]

Time out from the world seems faceless
Counting off the days and
b*nging on our cages
Leave us to our own invention
Full of good intention
Burning at the ends
Would you say it’s not the best way
To keep from rolling over
Cut off from yourself

Pray then light a penny candle
Try to get a handle
Slowly on yourself
Boredom seems to fit the moment
Seems to lift the omens
Flying overhead
Is it easier to mold
Easier to bend ways
Nature didn’t intend

Us to bend
Even if I were to let you fly over the fire
Would you glide til your wings caught alight?
And even if I were to let you down would you crash
Are you brave enough to let me drive?
Living would be dull and easy
If we choose not to be

Frightened of our deaths
Here’s to finding out the hard way
The more and more we struggle
The more it f*cks our heads
Try to look at all the angles
Circles and rectangles
Filling up our heads
Up ahead