Amazon Prime Video App Coming To MacOS

Amazon Prime Video app


Amazon Prime Video is one of the numerous famous video streaming apps in the world. It is currently open for the Google Android mobile operating system via the Play Store, for Windows via the Microsoft Store and for iOS via the Apple App Store. However, no such app is available for macOS users.

However, that doesn’t mean that MacBook and iMac users don’t have access to Amazon Prime Video on their computers, just that they have to log into Prime Video’s web-based user interface to access the video platform’s content. But that’s changing now that Amazon has released its own support for Amazon Prime Video on Apple’s macOS.

Amazon today announced the launch of the Amazon Prime Video app for macOS. The company says that Mac users worldwide use their MacBook and iMac laptops on macOS Big Sur 11.4 and later will be able to download the Amazon Prime Video app for free from the Mac App Store starting today. This way, macOS users can not only stream their favorite shows and movies to the app but also download Prime Video content on their Mac for offline viewing.

As for the app’s features, Amazon says that while the overall macOS Amazon Prime Video experience is similar to the platform’s web interface, it has made subtle changes to make it more platform-friendly. The Amazon Prime Video app, for example, offers streaming via AirPlay with picture-in-picture and the option to download movies and series for offline viewing (where available).

Additionally, customers using the macOS app can also use the search function and popular functions such as IMDb X-ray images, and continue to view and list watchlists, including in the macOS-based Amazon Prime app.

Amazon also says that the Prime Video macOS app shares the same content and language suggestions, supporting more than 20 languages, just like the Prime Video iOS app. It also supports 1080p streaming, and 4k support will be available soon. Additionally, users will receive automatic updates for macOS apps. The app supports several accessibility features currently available in Prime Video, including audio descriptions and VoiceOver support.

Regarding India, Amazon says that users of the Prime Video macOS app in India can enjoy content in a total of nine local languages, namely Hindi, Marathi, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam, Gujarati, Punjabi, and Bengali. in addition to global content and uses three local user interfaces – Hindi, Telugu and Tamil, in addition to English.

Finally, the Amazon Prime Video app will also support live sports, including soccer on Thursday nights; Premier League in Great Britain; US Open, ATP and WTA Tennis Championships in Great Britain and Ireland; UEFA Champions League football in Germany and Italy; Roland Garros in France; Australian sailing around the world; and cricket in New Zealand and India.