Amaka Caught Daniella Riding Khalid D!ck For The Third Time (Video)

Daniella Riding Khalid
Daniella Riding Khalid



Yesterday was the first eviction of Big Brother Naija, and unfortunately for Christy O and Cyph, there were both evicted.

Before the eviction of housemates yesterday, Beauty was disqualified from Big Brother Naija Season 7 due to the multiple strikes she got on Saturday night party in the house.

This time, Amaka has caught Daniella riding Khalid d!ck for the third time. Apparently, Daniella and Khalid started getting intimated in the first week of the show, which has stirred many reactions on Twitter.

Some fans are even afraid because the rate at which Khalid and Daniella get intimate in the house is alarming.

I think Biggie should try and warn these two housemates. Because if care is not taken, Daniella might get pregnant while in the house, tarnishing her image and repetition.

Thou, Amaka tends to be the only housemate who notices them when they start because their beds are very close.

Watch the video below: 

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