aldn – denial Lyrics

[aldn – denial Lyrics]

This can’t be right, this can’t be right
I didn’t mean for us to fight
I’m afraid of the height

I’m on the edge like I could fall again
You’re not my friend
I’m always falling in to love again

So you were right
I’m not your type
Maybe you go home for a night
I swear I’ll be alright
But I don’t wanna be alone again
Just me and Finn
Seems like my dog is my only friend

You’re up all night
With me on your mind
I know I’m probably not right
But I like to fight about
If you really love me not
Do you think I’m hot?
Do I get another shot?
You’re all I got

Then I said when
Are we gonna end
The st*pid game of pretend?
Don’t act like my friend
Because you really were apart of me
Why can’t I see
You really were a star to me?
But I like bein’ free

I don’t know what I want
I don’t know what I need
I’m in denial but I want you next to me

I can’t make up my mind
I can’t make up the time
I’m in denial but I want you to be mine