Aitch & Giggs – Just Coz Lyrics

Just Coz Lyrics By Aitch & Giggs

I see ’em creepin’, shut the back door
Turn the arena to a grand tour (Yeah)
Decline a couple figures, it attracts more (Haha)
And I put bread back in my city, call me Mansour (Woo)
Too rich to have time to wait
Wrist match the license plate, seventy on mine today (Skrr, skrr)
Smoked a spliff then I slammed the Range
Sixty ’round the roundabout, I’m flying, fuck the right of way
Try it if you’re bad enough

Think ’cause all I rap about is pussy, I won’t wrap him up
Know in Manny we’re the guys, why challenge us?
Bro ain’t blowing bubbles but he’s sly, two hammers up
Three-hundred for the Bentley, I cop it
Eight-hundred for the crib, shit, I don’t take many losses (No)
Heard your gyal say she wants some new Fendi, I got it (Ha)
Flip something, make it back, then I’m spending the profit (Yeah)
Buy it out, I ain’t makin’ deposits
You don’t get it like, Aitch, come on, let’s just be honest
I just tell you how I’m living, I ain’t flexing, I promise

Dick good enough to put two lesbians on it (Hahaha)
Told Brodie, get a job, he wanna shift rocks (Ooh)
All my youngers get it popping, they don’t TikTok (No way)
See my brother in the passy with the ket wig
All I gotta do is tap him, that’s your wig off (Bow)
Wrist shining, I get blinded when I steer the car
I ain’t gotta pose to show we’re grinding ’cause we really are
Tell the waiter, fuck a bottle, I’ma clear the bar
Paigons got me laughing in stitches like I fear a scar

You gotta be cruel to be kind, look closely
Big bro’s a surviver
Now we’re scoping that, just got the groceries
Now I’m hosting vagina (Hosting)
She wanna sex to Peligro, I squirt it
Gave her the whole cappuccino
Yeah, I put my jumper and jeans on and splurted
And they were both Valentino

Yeah, I got a chocolate Ferrero Rocher
I think her husband’s a weirdo (Haha)
Yeah, I got a comfier chair though
Brains, I’m on the hunt, I’m the scarecrow
I got to stay with my regiment, danger
I gotta raise my development (Yeah)
I gotta change up my level, it’s major
I gave my tailor my measurements
Yeah, Aitch paint a picture, I’m a painter

They hate when I’m steppin’ in
Yeah, I freshen up like I’m peppermint
Please, you shouldn’t touch, I’m a specimen
Yeah, that’s in my cup with the cranberry Sandeman
I’m waking up with a Sandy
Yeah, came in the club with a Monica
Yeah, and tryna cut with a Brandy
Yeah, I saw her scroll through her Insta-goals
I told her that’s what we can be
Yeah, I even drip when I’m trampy

Yeah, they heard the hit then Shazamed me
Yeah, step with a damsel, straight, chicks wanna bang me
Yeah, I’m in the woods with a pump action, get hit with a Bambi (Blaow)
Yeah, I got a sipping Malibu, hard food, I’m on the beach with the callaloo
Yeah, we used to hide from the cameras, movies
You saw your guys on Fifth Avenue
I saw this guy talking so much shit, before your guys had to carry you
Yeah, I bet he can’t take a stab at me before we’re shooting and stabbing you
Yeah, clicked then I banged it, now standout bitch, understand it (Yeah)
Now standout bitch, understand it (Yeah)
Brain scrambled crap then I scramble it
And that’s a card on you pricks like I’m Gambit

Just leave it there, just leave it there