Aimer – Zankyosanka Lyrics

Aimer Zankyosanka Lyrics

誰が袖に咲く幻花 ただそこに藍を落とした
派手に色を溶かす夜に 銀朱の月を添えて
転がるように風を切って 躓くごとに強くなった
選ばれなければ 選べばいい
声よ轟け 夜のその向こうへ 涙で滲んでた
あんなに遠くの景色まで 響き渡れ
何を奏でて 誰に届けたくて 不確かなままでいい
どんなに暗い感情も どんなに長い葛藤も
ただ一人舞う千夜 違えない帯を結べば
派手な色も負かす様に 深紅の香こそあはれ
この先どんなつらい時も 口先よりも胸を張って
抱いた夢の灯りを全部 辿るだけ
選ばれなければ 選べばいい
声をからして 燃える花のように 闇間を照らしたら
夜を数えて 朝を描く様な 鮮やかな音を鳴らす
どんなに深い後悔も どんなに高い限界も


Aimer Zankyosanka Lyrics English Translation

Who blooms on the sleeves Phantom flower I just dropped indigo there
Add a silver vermilion moon to the night when the colors melt flashy

I cut the wind like rolling and became stronger every time I stumbled
Embrace all the light, pain and anger
If not chosen, choose

Voice roaring over there at night I was bleeding with tears
Resonate to such a distant view
What you want to play and who you want to deliver to remain uncertain
No matter how dark emotions or how long her conflicts
Song and scatter

Chiya who dances alone If you tie an obi that is not different
The crimson scent is just like defeating the flashy colors

Be more proud than your mouth, no matter how hard you are in the future
Just follow all the lights of your dreams
You didn’t come here to escape

If not chosen, choose

If you illuminate the darkness like a burning flower with a voice
Make the correct answer too vague on the score
Counting the night and making a vivid sound like drawing the morning
No matter how deep regrets she has, no matter how high the limits
Drown out