Adewale Fastest – Intro Lyrics (feat. So Sick)

Intro Lyrics By Adewale Fastest (feat. So Sick)

I’ont really know what am doing here
Maybe you were right
You can tell I was loosing it
I was really down
Ain’t nobody really gah my back
I thought I would die buh
Oluwa jedalo
I for tell you what I go through
But see I no dey brag
When its time to pay ma dues
On God I no dey price
I love to pay attention too
Ma guy I no dey price
Nothing come easy for the fame
I fuckin know the price
Like oh yeah no man

You’ll never see me slow down
I’d never doubt the process
Fell in love with the progress
Am a man of course am brave
Yea always fucking show that
I went through hell they be like
Sell your soul Next
Shey You wanna know the reason why I put my
Life and soul and body to the music
From beginning there was nothing
No one gave me nothing
Now the appetite is double double
There will be a trouble
I don’t see nobody capable enough lati dami duro

I will never make it easy for you
Keto denubole biti pussy Koshi
Malokoshi bero Talomoyin Taloranyin talomoyin
Tale fema mulasena talefema pariwo mo
Kinlegbe na tefin Gbin na Emagbina
Emigbona felifeli let nobody double dare me
Modesiwon lorun oti deshu bayi Enimaku lomaku
Ogbeni abeere mi malo kona todi
Ojewobi Kilagowi Asikomi Lawa Bai
Is do or die or no n****
Is do or die or no n**** am gone
Break these chains off my soul
Give me wings
Take your gold

I am home
I am home
When you broke
Its hard to be righteous
And its really hard to be loved by Love ones
Life in the Ghetto so hard
You gotta be ready to die once
You gotta be ready to stand tall any day
Even when the nightfall hun
I’ve seen it all damn
And I’ve done it all
Step in my shoe once you will see life suck
Money coming slow
Despite all my side runs
Career tife lana
Cus I couldn’t get the right plug
Wale gbewon sare fast fast
Wonma soro mini last last
Kosomo naa Adewale Rascal
Wonma berumi ni biti Vampire
Fuck loyalty we only had a one night stand
I see nobody for my level from where I stand
Wonle dami duro bi Davido Mhen it’s my time
Shina Rambo won le steal shine mi lai lai

Welcome to the Genesys of ATF
You messing with me
Imma really show you way to hell
Break these chains off my soul
Give me wings
Take your gold
I am home
I am home
Break these chains off my soul
Give me wings
Take your gold
I am home
I am home