About BBNaija Season 7 Ninjas | Ninja Duties at BBNaija 2022

About BBNaija Season 7 Ninjas
About BBNaija Season 7 Ninjas



The BBNaija Season 7 2022 organizers assured us that the “Ninjas” will return for the next season, and the Ninjas will surely bring back some memories of the seasons before the pandemic.

Since the pandemic, Big Brother Naija (BBNaija) has been held based on the restrictions put in place to restrain COVID-19.

The result meant the housemates stayed from all human contact possible which forced the exclusion of the in-house guides popularly known as “Ninjas.”

Jobs of Ninjas in BBNaija TV Show

The Ninjas in the BBNaija TV show are Big Brother’s messengers in the reality show. They specialize in carrying out special tasks and guiding activities in the house. Here are some of the works of the Ninja in the BBNaija reality TV show.

  • The Ninjas can cause utterances to unsettle or reshuffle things in Biggie’s house in the reality TV show.
  • The Ninjas are in charge of Friday night arena games and help Biggie to record accurate time and rearranged scattered games, they also illustrate how games are played.
  • Ninjas can also bring something to the house directly from Big Brother (Biggie).
  • The Ninjas can hide things or pick up belongings of housemates if Biggie decides to prank the housemates.
  • Ninjas are sometimes present at the Saturday night party as Biggie’s eye.

Other Attributes about the Ninja in BBNaija Show

  • Ninjas are unknown as they are fully masked in carryout their duties in Big Brother’s house.
  • The Ninjas comprise both males and females.
  • The Ninjas don’t talk, they only give signs to housemates.
  • A Ninja will not interfere unless he or she is instructed to do so by Big Brother (Biggie)
  • When Ninjas are instructed by Biggie no one gets to see it, but any duty they are performing shows instructions from Big Brother.