A-Q & Brymo – Family First Lyrics

A-Q Family First Lyrics, Brymo Family First Lyrics

Let’s not pretend, me and M haven’t really been on talking terms
You know issues get bigger when you look through microscopic lens
Still, I’d never chase clout or ever copy trends
This song is hard to write like I got a faulty pen, I’m stuck with them
Respect forever, even though we talk as friends
You’ve been the boss and Damn what a run
But you know, I got to run
Surpass everything I’ve done no sloppy ends
Losing everything and getting more money, how you comprehend
Let’s talk amends, I made millions, we all made millions
I’m not talking ones, i’m talking by the tens
Everybody copped a Benz
Called Brymo up, like yo let’s make more M’s
Put a deal on the table like sign it at your convenience
Conversations on helipads, y’all don’t get the picture
You’re too close to the elephant
Chatting on telegram with those small-minded set of plans
In virtual spaces that are irrelevant, no elegance
Same moves, same circle dance
One hand gets dirty you stain both hands to wash it off
Same finger you point with is your trigger finger, let it off
We can let the dust settle or raise hell, I’m barely touched
It’s the return of Machiavelli, you already lost

I can never take sides on this, BeatsbyJayy didn’t die for this
Even though it’s not the things I ride for I tried for this
Glad I help my brother get rich, before he went out on this
I don’t care what time it is, I’m just making timeless sh!t
Said I couldn’t do the impossible, there’s no hope for me
Now we selling art on the Opensea, and that’s an NFT
Who made you Judge, keep your clemency,
You cannot sentence me
Keep the same energy for eternity or let it be
Don’t ever talk to me crazy like you made me
Spilled my blood on that Hennessy floor, and
One apologized, one betrayed me,
The hook wasn’t right, should have let Cavemen do it
They praying that I fall
You said Amen to it

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Feels like mama going to pass soon
I’m just glad she saw me get passed that grey Datsun,
From cartoons, to sitting in a foreign, to look at the car sH0es
To looking in the mirror like damn Q, is that you?
Shout out to my man Loose, you know I got you forever
They waiting on a part 2 of Crown too, I got you cos I know you got me
To Frank, to Prince, to Austine, I bend back for you
To my only sister I’m sorry it’s getting dark for you, give everything I gat for you
My niece and nephews I can’t replace your dad for you
But you know I’d die for you
My mother’s name is Roseline, Blaq’s mother’s name is Roseline
We had something in common, it’s destiny when we go in
My late brothers name is Golden, and that’s on Golden
If I could change one thing, I change everything just to know him
I know you all are proud of me, f*ck wH0ever that doubted me
But to grow you got to leave your family and that’s how it be

Rest in peace dad, rest in peace Kingsley
But to grow, you got to leave your family and that’s how it be
That’s how it be

Family first, you’re all that I have
Family first, left my mama for that